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USA Small Business Administration (SBA) Selected Johnson Choi/HKCHcc 2008 United States National Champion

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Major Exhibitions & Conferences in Hong Kong

Basic Law of Hong Kong SAR Guaranteed One Country Two System for 50 Years

HK Leaders & Basic Law Top China's Students Attend HK Universities  HK School of Creative Media, Entertainment & Tech Industries

1997 Hong Kong Handover to China - Flag Ceremony Video  Hong Kong 10 Years History Slide Show (1997 - 2007)  HK 10 Years - Economy (1997 - 2007)  HK 10 Years - Life (1997-2007)  Lan Kwai Fong tops HK nightlife  Mission successful: PLA Garrison in HK   HK 10 Years - Safety (1997 - 2007)  HK 10 Years - Fashion (1997 - 2007)  Horse racing remains most popular sports in HK   HK 10 Years - Stars (1997 - 2007)  HK 10 Year - Donald Tsang (1997 - 2007)  HK economy looking forward to better future  Born on the 1st of July, growing with the HKSAR - The little girl Leung Sum Mui was born right on July the first, 1997.   Hong Kong Handover - Jiang Zemin's speech June 30 1997  Dining and shopping paradise for travelers   HK Businessmen in Beijing   Prince Charles and former Hong Kong Governor Christopher Francis Patten leave HK after the handover ceremony in 1997

Listen to MP3 “Business Beyond the Reef” to discuss the problems with imports from China, telling all sides of the story and then expand the discussion to revitalizing Chinatown - Special Guest: Johnson Choi, MBA, RFC. President - Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) and Danny Au, Manager, Bo Wah Trading (Sept 2007)
Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang addresses APEC 2011 CEO summit on financial stability on 11/11/11

Honolulu Hawaii USA - APEC2011 - Nov 11 2011 "Hong Kong Reception" 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at Hilton Waikiki on KUHIO (2500 Kuhio Ave., Waikiki Beach) with Mr. Gregory So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and Hong Kong CE Donald Tsang

School of Travel Industry Management of University of Hawaii at Manoa under the leadership of Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee was the 1st University invited by China Government in 1978 to help with the development of China's tourism. Dean Gee was selected at UH Board of Regent in 2009 continue to play an important role as advisors to China Government on the City, Provincial and National level.

Johnson Choi on Hong Kong investments with Hawaii filmmakers - Asia in Review host Jay Fidell in a discussion with Johnson Choi of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce on his recent (July 2010) trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong and on Hong Kong investments with Hawaii filmmakers or download video click:
View Our Conference call with President Barack Obama on Nov 3 2010 4:30pm EST

Radio Interview on "Global Entrepreneurs" hosted by Tina Quizon - The Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs, USA., Mr. Donald Tong has called in for an interview on Sunday May 9 2010 at 9:05AM on "Global Entrepreneurs" on the Radio KWAI 1080am.

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Washington DC USA - February 4 2010 - U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke speech about the new National Exports Initiative to the National Press Club on Thursday February 4 2010

Watch Video online  Download Video (13 meg file size):

Hon. Jon Huntsman: Languages as a Bridge to the Future - Hon. Jon Huntsman--then Governor of Utah and current U.S. Ambassador to China--discusses China, building a prosperous future, and what his state is doing to prepare the next generation. Chicago, May 1, 2009. (24 min., 27 sec.)
Chinese language instruction is exploding in American public schools. In this exclusive Asia Society video, teachers and politicians explain why studying Mandarin gives kids a global edge. Young Americans from all walks of life are learning to speak Chinese in elementary and secondary schools. Key educators and politicians weigh in on the global advantage of studying Mandarin. (4 min., 50 sec.). Chinese Language Initiatives
Honolulu Hawaii USA - January 18 2010: Governor Linda Lingle cordially invites you to attend a special panel presentation by the American Institute of Architects, Honolulu Chapter, on rail transit. This presentation will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about and ask questions regarding this major proposed project on Oahu.

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Honolulu Hawaii USA - Wednesday, October 7 2009 11:30am at The Plaza Club  "Get a piece of the China's US$90 billion outbound investments in 12 months" - Opportunities Niches for Hawaii China Business? By DAVID Z MAO, Attorney-at-law, Shanghai Pioneer Law Office.

Presentation Video 1/5  2/5  3/5  4/5  5/5

View UH Board of Regent, Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee's Speech in Hong Kong on April 22 2009 (no signed up required - just click on the link -> Video 1/2 2/2
Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce "Hawaii China Connection Documentary" - Produced by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, CMC Consulting Group LLC and Shanghai TV Station

Hawaiian Host Chocolates China Business - Produced by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce, CMC Consulting Group LLC and Shanghai TV Station

Honolulu Hawaii Thursday, June 4, 2009: “The Chinese are Coming, The Chinese are Coming” Paul Pei, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Ocean Park, Hong Kong - Mainland China is a massive market for the entire world. With a population of 1.3 billion, it has already proven its power in tourism, and this is only the beginning. Its citizens are eager to travel, to visit other cultures, and to experience what they have not been able to do. A Memorandum of Understanding between the US and China has opened the door for a potentially lucrative flow of visitors to Hawaii. But, are you ready to capture your share of this huge opportunity? Do you understand what their interests are, their sensitivity to price and quality, their expectations of service, how they behave, and more basically, how to reach and communicate with them? Paul Pei is Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Ocean Park Hong Kong, a marine animal theme park that served over 5 million visitors in 2008, of which approximately half were from mainland China. Raised in Honolulu, he has spent most of his career in the orient, for thirty years in the hotel business in Singapore and Hong Kong and the last nine years at Ocean Park. He has been intimately involved in attracting and serving the 2.5 million visitors from China that visited his park last year. Hong Kong in total welcomed 16.8 million visitors from China in 2008, which now represents the largest segment of Hong Kong’s thriving tourism industry. Mr. Pei will share their experiences and provide tips on how to welcome and serve these visitors, who now spend more per person per day on vacation here than our Japanese visitors  View Presentation on YouTube: video 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4


April 2009: Highest Realm of Stone Collection - Rolly Wong, President Hong Kong Museum - click on the picture below to view videos

ATV 1/3 (this episode also cover Maps collections) ATV 2/3 ATV 3/3

Stone Collection#1 Stone Collection#2 Stone Collection#3

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China and the Global Financial Crisis: Featuring Wan Qingliang, Vice-Governor of Guangdong Province, People Republic of China

Video 1/3  2/3  3/3 Video #3/3 talk about how Guangdong Province deals with the challenges

President Bill Clinton Global Initiative Launch in Hong Kong on Dec 2 2008 said "Hong Kong is the perfect place to launch Clinton Global Initiative"

View Coverage on YouTube
Hawaii News Coverage Chinese Community Broadcasting on Oct 3 2008 Presentation at the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) by Brenda Foster, President of American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai at the Plaza Club

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Allan Zeman, Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong and Ocean Park gave up his Canadian Citizenship to become Chinese Citizen
Hawaii China Connection was produced by CMC Consulting Group Inc, Shanghai TV Station and Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce. The four (4) part series were view by more than 100 million people in Asia and North America View Trailer
  2008 National District Export Council Conference - "Travel & Trade - Redefining Exports" Presented by California Inland Empire District Export Council Oct 15 - 18 2008 Wyndham Hotel Palm Spring California
(a1) DEC Palm Spring National Conference Dinner Show
(a2) Dec Palm Spring Conference 2008 - Indonesian Dance
(a2a) Challenges of Global Trade (Free Trade Agreements) - Ambassador Susan Schwab - The White House, Washington DC
(a3) Trade Promotion - Challenges & Opportunities for District Export Council - Israel Hernandez - Assistant Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director General of US & Foreign Commercial Service Washington DC

Video 1/2  Video 2/2

(a4) Safeguarding USA Tourism & Gaming Industry - David Shepherd, CEO, Readiness Resource Group LLC, Las Vegas NV USA
(a5) Travel & Tourism - USA Best Destination for international Tourist - Caroline Beteta - Chief Executive Officer - California Travel & Tourism Commission and Deputy Secretary for Tourism - California

Video 1/3   Video 2/3  Video 3/3

(a6) Protecting your IP Assets - Jennifer Boger, Deputy Director, Office of Intellectual Property Rights - ITA - US Dept of Commerce - Washington DC
(a7) Goods Movement & Transportation - John Husing - VP - Economics & Politics Inc, Redlands CA

Video 1/3  Video 2/3  Video 3/3

(a8) Trade & Commerce - USA & South Korea - Honorable Ambassador LEE Tae-sik

Video 1/3  Video 2/3  Video 3/3

(a9) Export Regulation & Compliance - Director - Bureau of Industry and Security, Wstern Regional office - US Dept of Commerce - Newport Beach - CA

Video 1/3  Video 2/3  Video 3/3

(a10) Protecting your IP Assets - Enforcing Your Rights and Tools for Small Companies
(a11) The Great Debates Continues - Free Trade Agreements - Video 1

Video 2

(a12) Focus Market - Asia - An Interactive Dialogue with Top Trade Experts on Australia - New Zealand - China - Singapore & Vietnam

Video 1/2  Video 2/2

(a13) Practical IPR Strategies for CD/EE Russia & FSU - Tom Thomson

Video 1/2  Video 2/2

(a14) International Trade & Economic Growth in the California Inland Empire - Honorable Mary Bono Mack

Video 1/2  Video 2/2

(a15) New Export Regulations and Compliance

Video 1/2  Video 2/2

(1) "Take your business to China & Asia Through Hong Kong" view Johnson Choi presentation online video#1/2 video#2/2 (courtesy of YouTube) view Microsoft Power Point presentation
(2) Download in Microsoft Power Point Format: Business with China: Making it Work for Entrepreneurs - Hong Kong as Entry Strategy - File Size 1.66meg

Download Presentation in PDF format: Business with China: Making it Work for Entrepreneurs - Hong Kong as Entry Strategy

(3)  President George Bush met with 2008 U. S. Small Business Administration Winners at the White House on April 23 2008

 Video 1/3 Video 2/3 Video 3/3 CNN Shadow TV

(4)  Healthcare Forum: "Cost and Coverage: Chicken and Egg - Michael Leavitt, Secretary, Dept of Health & Human Services on April 22 2008

 Video 1/2 Video 2/2

(5)  American Solution - Newt Gingrich at 2008 U.S. SBA Conference at Washington DC on April 22 2008

 Video 1/2 Video 2/2

(6)  Going Global: Accessing New Market - Susan Schwab - Ambassador - U. S. Trade Representative at Washington DC on April 22 2008

 Video 1/2 Video 2/2

(7)  2008 SBA Entrepreneurial Development Award - Steve Preston - U.S. SBA Administrator at the U. S. State Department
(8)  Video#1 Video#2 The China Quandary-Capital in the Dragon's Lair - Christopher McNally, Ph.D. October 2007
(9)  Video#1 Video#2 US/China Business Today: An Overview -Ted Liu, Director DBEDT
(10) Cultural Imperative - Business with China - Manny Menendez
(11) Legal & Regulatory Impediment -Business with China - Peter Callahan
(12) Finding a Partner - Business with China - Jeff Au
(13) Finding Capital - Business with China -Jun Zhao
(14) Selling Professional Service -Business with China - Mike Terry
(15) Ethical Implication for Entrepreneur: Doing Business with China - Fr. Robert Spitzer
(16) Video#1 Video#2 Video#3 "The China Trade Card" Trevor Houser-Director-China Strategic Advisory, William Zarit-Regional Director, Asia-U. S. Commercial Service, Richard Latham-Managing Director-Asland China Forgings, Neal Asbury-President-Greenfield World Trade
(17) "China India and Hong Kong - Opportunities and Challenges" view Tom Moore presentation online  video#1/1 (courtesy of YouTube)
(18) Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited (HKEx) October 9 2007
(19) Biggest Investor in Shanghai and Hong Kong - The number of multinational companies establishing headquarters in Shanghai is growing. The competition with Hong Kong for the major firms is intense. Host Qin Yi interviewed Michael Rowse, Director-General of InvestHK for his views on the two city’s business growth. He explains that the mainland is the biggest investor in Hong Kong and that Hong Kong is the biggest investor in Shanghai. He says not to forget Beijing in this enormous growth as well. View the complete interview for Mr. Rowse’s fascinating insights into China’s burgeoning economy (Sept 2007)
(20) To celebrate the tenth anniversary of HK's return, let's take a closer look at the economic link between HK and Shanghai. The two economic hubs have been consolidating their economic ties over the past decade. As recent figures shows, Hongkong accounts a quarter of the total investment in Shanghai, and more leading Shanghai firms are investing in HK. (July 2007)
(21) (Interview with Eddie Lam - CEO of Onlen International) (Cantonese) Tap into China's flourishing franchising market with Hong Kong's experience: China has become the world's fastest growing franchising market with about 2,600 franchise systems currently in operation. In May this year, China introduced the "Measures for the Administration of Commercial Franchise and Regulations for the Administration of Commercial Franchise" to further enhance and regulate operational standards (Jul 2007)
(22) View Video #1/2 View Video #2/2 - Foshan China-HKSAR and San Francisco Business Partnership, by Mike Rowse, Director General, InvestHK, Hong Kong SAR Government (Sept 2007)
(23) View Video #1/2 View Video #2/2 CITIC Pacific HK ensure Walmart Smooth Entry into China - CITIC Pacific HK has unrivalled experience and expertise in operating businesses in China both on the mainland and Hong Kong (Oct 2007)
(24) View Video #1/2 View Video #2/2 Allan Zeman, Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong & Ocean Park HK - Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Limited is the major property and developer in Lan Kwai Fong which is Hong Kong's most popular entertainment and tourist destination. Dr. Zeman is also the Chairman of Ocean Park HK, currently outperformed Disney HK both in visitor counts (5 million) and visitors' satisfaction, ranked as one of the top 10th theme park worldwide (Oct 2007)
(25) View Video #1/2 View Video #2/2 Competing and Winning in China - Since 1952, the Tung Tai Group grew from a well-established family business into a diversified organisation, with financial servic Since 1952, the Tung Tai Group grew from a well-established family business into a diversified organisation, with financial services at its core and increasing resources being committed to trading, investment, and property in Hong Kong, China, North America and Europe. The Tung Tai Group of Companies offers quality services including stock brokerage and global investment management Oct 2007)
(26) View Video #1/2 View Video #2/2 Hong Kong International Arbitration Center - Christopher To, Secretary General (Oct 2007)
(27) View Video #1/2 View Video #2/2 Hong Kong Venture Capital Association - Hong Kong is the 2nd largest venture capital center in Asia (Oct 2007)
(28) View Video #1/3 View Video #2/3 View Video #3/3 Hong Kong Business Report by Chief Secretary Henry Tang on Oct 9 2007
(29) Recent years, western spirits is expanding in China. The volume of alcohol imported through shanghai port last year exceeded 310 million US dollars, double the figure for 2004. Western spirits such as whisky and brandy accounted for 80 percent. In this week’s Bizwatch, Ken Y. Chen, manager of L.E.K Consulting limited will talk about the change in Chinese consumption habits, and the challenges for western spirits companies establishing their brands in China.
(30) During the Shanghai International Film Festival, BizWatch talked with Li Chow, the China General Manager of Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International about the sometimes mysterious movie-making process and how distribution actually works. Is it magic, or just a lot of hard work? (June 2007)
(31) China’s 15 billion yuan movie market is going through a big change. The government has divided the film distribution market among 38 cinema chains for the last 3 years. The distribution companies provide movie scheduling, prints and promotions for the theatres. Getting people into the seats for new movies is always tricky and expensive to do. As the system goes through with a mandated shake-up, theatre owners must now choose their new business allies carefully. Of course, the show must go on! (June 2007)
(32) If Wal-Mart were a country, it would be China’s 6th largest export destination! Now the retail giant has opened its first Supercenter store (18,000 sq. meters) in Pudong in Shanghai in July ‘5. Local competing merchants see this move as a “wake-up call”, since Wal-Mart stores usually have a big influence on other commerce in their retail areas. This 24-hr. Wal-Mart even provides 8 shuttle busses with free rides to its area customers. The store has been packed with customers since it opened. (June 2007)
(33) Perfect platform for China under 11th Five-Year Plan (video source: CCTV 4) (Putonghua) Interviewed by CCTV4 in Beijing in March 2006, HKTDC chairman Peter Woo says Hong Kong and HKTDC can play significant roles in China's 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) especially in promoting the independent innovative capability of industries. Speaker: Peter Woo, Chairman, HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) (June 2007)
(34) The Chinese Market Conundrum - With China viewed as the next great emerging consumer market for businesses around the world, licensing opportunities there are immense. China has all the essential ingredients to make a successful licensing market: opportunities brought by entry into the WTO, rising levels of disposable income in urban areas, increasing awareness of international brands, and vast manufacturing facilities and labor pools. This session will shed light on the unique culture and consumer behavior of the China market - Speaker(s): Ms. Francesca Ash, Editor, Total Licensing & Eddie Lam, CEO, Onlen Fairyland (HK) Co. Ltd. (August 2007)

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