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    Photo Album before 01/01/2005   Jan 1 2005 to June 2006 Photo Album 2007 Photo Album 2008 Photo Album

    Holidays Greeting from President Obama & Johnson Choi

    Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) Events and Photo on

    UH TIM Alumni Pacific Coast Region Christmas Party with Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee - Thursday December 17 2009 7:00pm at the Palace Hotel San Francisco

    (File Photo) The Palace Hotel San Francisco is managed by our fellow UH TIM Alumni

    Please click on the following link to view video: (video 1/3) (video 2/3) (video 3/3)

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    Hong Kong November 29 2009 - Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club - International Yachting Fellowship Rotarian (IYFR) Members from Hong Kong and Hawaii Fleet members met, enjoyed the sailing, great seafood, wine, cheese and fun fun fun

    Hong Kong SAR - 7:00pm Friday November 27 2009 - Thanksgiving Dinner and TIM School Update at the YMCA Salisbury, 41 Salisbury Rd Tsimshatsui Kowloon Hong Kong (next to the Peninsula Hotel)

    View Video online

    View "more" Pictures online

    (L - R Aldrin Leung with UH TIM Alumni Roberta Wong Leung) UH TIM EDIT Program Aldrin Leung, General Manager, The Salisbury YMCA Hong Kong won "Best Affordable Hotel" and "Most Popular Hotel" Award on November 25 2008 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club - UH TIM School (Best Known Brand at UH in Asia) EDIT Program have contributed to Aldrin's successes!

    UH TIM Alumni Karen Li, Executive Director, Lanson Place Boutique Hotel & Residences also won "Best Boutique Hotel" and "China Best Design Hotel" Awards on November 25 2009 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club - UH TIM School and TIM Night have contributed to Karen's successes! (October 2009 – JUDGES CHOICES AWARD by The Bund ‘China Best Design Hotels’; November 2009 – BEST BOUTIQUE HOTEL AWARD by HotelClub Awards 2009; November 2009 – LUXURY CITY HOTEL 2009 FINALIST by World’s Luxury Hotel Award; November 2009 – LUXURY BUSINESS HOTEL 2009 FINALIST by World’s Luxury Hotel Award)


    Singapore, 25 November 2009 – HotelClub Awards Asia, a hotel award ceremony that recognises hotel quality based entirely on customers’ reviews, is now in Singapore. Winners of HotelClub Awards Asia will be given a proof of quality on the HotelClub website, where customers can be assured of the hotel’s quality.

    With plans to grow its business in Asia, HotelClub will hold the Award Ceremony in Singapore this year. This will allow HotelClub to continue its recent efforts in elevating its presence in this part of the world. HotelClub views Asia as a region of great opportunity as it offers indefinite potential and stability.

    Unlike other awards where winners are chosen by a panel of judges, the winners of HotelClub Awards Asia are chosen from their average score on an annual online survey (conducted in July 2009) and past ratings on between July 2008 and June 2009. A total of 52,000 votes were received, from citizens worldwide (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, etc).

    The eight award categories for HotelClub Awards Asia and its winners are:

    1. Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Asia
    • Marina Mandarin Singapore
    • Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa Kuala Lumpur
    • S15 Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok
    • Salisbury YMCA of Hong Kong
    • The Venetian Resort Macau

    2. Top 3 Affordable Hotels
    • Salisbury YMCA of Hong Kong
    • Hotel Asia Center of Japan Tokyo
    • Hotel Sintra Macau

    3. Top 3 Superior Hotels
    • Hearton Hotel Kyoto
    • Maninarakorn Hotel Chiang Mai
    • B P International Hong Kong

    4. Most Popular Destination
    • Thailand

    5. Best Boutique Hotel
    • Lanson Place Hong Kong

    6. Top 3 Five Star Hotels
    • Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore
    • Marina Mandarin Singapore
    • The Venetian Resort Macau

    7. Top 3 Most Outstanding Performers – Chain
    • Meritus Hotels & Resorts
    • Accor Hotels
    • Hilton Hotels

    8. Top 3 Most Outstanding Performers – Independent Hotels
    • Royal Plaza Hotel Hong Kong
    • Hotel Royal Singapore
    • B P International Hong Kong

    Chloe Lim, Managing Director of HotelClub explains the importance of allowing consumers the chance to air their opinions, “In today’s online world, user reviews are sought after – be it for products or services. Consumers are also demanding to voice their opinions, through blogs and forums. Besides recognising the importance of allowing our customers to share their views, we also understand the power of the consumer – as they ensure the success or failure of a company. Through HotelClub Awards, we hope to better understand the changing needs of consumers when they are looking for travel accommodation.”

    The prestigious award ceremony (HotelClub Awards) was first launched in Australia in 2006, and the Asian version (HotelClub Awards Asia) was launched in 2007 in Hong Kong.

    HotelClub offers over 60,000 hotel accommodation choices in 6,000 cities and 134 countries worldwide. Its 6 million consumer ratings and reviews also provide independent advice on each accommodation option.

    About HotelClub - HotelClub is a global accommodation specialist operating the following websites: for bookings up to 12 months in advance and for bookings up to 28 days in advance. HotelClub offers users the choice of over 60,000 hotels in over 130 countries worldwide. HotelClub is available in 14 languages (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai) and 19 currencies. HotelClub is truly global offering its customers access through country specific websites and it is part of Orbitz Worldwide.

    Hong Kong Nov 2009 - Institute of Hospitality Lunch at The Langham

    Dear Mr Theobald, President of Institute of Hospitality, HK Chapter - Thank you for presenting me with my Certificate of Membership as full Member of the Institute of Hospitality at today's Langham Hotel lunch. Thank you for your leadership in the HK Chapter.

    Dear VP Palmer, Thank you for the surprise champage for a stylish lady in her fashionable pink hat! I don't mind to come to your hotel every day to get my champagne! I enjoyed your informative talk about The Langham Hotel and Resorts. Congratulations on all your successful accomplishments. My oldest daughter is now doing her Master's Degree at London School of Economics. It was a delicious and delightful lunch in a famous well deserved Michelin 2 Star Chinese Restaurant, Tang Court. Thank you for all your wonderful arrangements.

    Hong Kong November 25 2009 - met with members of Rotary Club of Bayview Sunshine Hong Kong with Presentation by Mr. William Yip, Founder & Artistic Director of Theatre Noir

    Hong Kong November 25 2009 - Met with Mr. Marcopolo Tam, the largest map collector in the world

    Shanghai China November 18 2009: Met with Ms. Brenda Foster, President of American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai at Din Tai Feng Restaurant - Portman Ritz Carlton.

    Shanghai China November 18 2009: Met with Mr. Shao Jun Zhang, Professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art School of Communication Design

    Wujin Changzhou Jiangsu China Nov 15 - 18 2009: Following the signing of Closer Economic Cooperation Arrangement between China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (CHcc) of USA and Wujin Oversea Friendship Association of China on March 24 2009 CHcc lead a business delegation to Wujin to discuss opportunities and further enhance our ties. Changzhou City is situated in a very strategic location at the southern part of Jiangsu Province. Wujin is a district within Changzhou and it is at the center of Changzhou’s industrial industry. It houses over 20,000 industrial enterprises with an emphasis on equipment manufacturing. Textile, garments, electronics, and construction materials are also produced here. Wujin district is an important transportation hub with a web of railways and highway as well as proximity to major ports and some of China’s largest airports.

    The business delegation have arrived in Shanghai almost the same time as President Obama. The arrival of the Hawaii delegation have attracted the attention of local medias, covered extensively by local television and newspapers.

    We have completed a three (3) days visit to Wujin with special focus on Agriculture, Tourism, Training, Real Estates and Clean Energy.

    2009年11月18日 武進常州江蘇省 中國夏威夷商會蔡永強主席報告


    繼在2009年3月24日簽署建立更緊密經貿合作安排 "美國的中國夏威夷商會"
    (Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc)) 和 "中國的武進海外聯誼會"。HKCHcc率領一個商業代表團武進討論機會,進一步提高我們的關係。常州市是坐落在一個重要的戰略位置,在南部的江蘇省。武進區是在常州,這是該中心在常州市的工業產業。它超過 20,000家工業企業與重點放在裝備製造業。紡織,服裝,電子,建築材料也都在這裡。武進區是一個重要的交通樞紐網絡,鐵路,公路以及鄰近主要港口和一些中國最大的機場。


    在中國經濟正以快速的步伐,2009年估計超過 8%。




    View Wujin TV Coverage: If you use Firefox "no video" appeared - click on "launch in external player" to view video online

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    区领导会见夏威夷客人 记者 周芬
    本报讯 11月16日下午,区长徐伟南在区行政中心会见蔡永强一行。区领导查艳、凌光耀、倪晓谦会见时在座。

    蔡永强,美国夏威夷中华商会会长、地区出口理事会成员,夏威夷太平洋出口委员会副主席、前中美商会会长。美国夏威夷中华商会以促进中美贸易为宗旨,共有 2万多名会员,拥有包括美国香港商会、美国上海商会等在内的15家合作伙伴,网络遍布世界各地。夏威夷太平洋出口委员会,是美国为进一步扩大出口量于 1973年设立的,现今全美共有55个地区出口委员会,1500多位会员。




    World Journal Newspaper (Hawaii Edition) - November 20 2009

     夏威夷中國商會訪常州武進 (本報夏威夷訊 November 24 2009)






    蔡永強說,在中國經濟正以快速的步伐成長 (2009年成長率超過 8%),各級政府正在幫助大、小型企業通過“減少”的費用,稅金和“增加”獎勵。軌道交通系統和基礎設施項目幾乎到處可見。我們期待著在未來數個月將再次率團訪問武進。

    有關夏威夷中國商會活動詳情請與蔡永強聯絡。Email:  網頁 

    Photo Album#1 on Facebook

    Photo Album#2 on Facebook

    Hong Kong November 14 2009: School of Travel Industry Management and Shidler College of Business of the University of Hawaii Met with Dean Vance Roley and June Naughton - Retired Director of International Student Office

    Washington DC USA - November 3-5 2009: National District Export Council (DEC) conference will be held this year on November 3-5, 2009 in Washington, DC. Save the date for this important event and plan to join us in Washington, DC to visit with your DEC colleagues, learn best practices, and get the latest updates on international trade from new administration and trade organization officials.  2009 NATIONAL DISTRICT EXPORT COUNCIL CONFERENCE - GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS AND THE IMPACT ON US EXPORTS

    Event pictures taken at Washington DC on Facebook 

    Presentation by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Youtube:  Video 1/4  Video 2/4  Video 3/4  Video 4/4

    Karen Mills, Administrator - U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA Loan for Small Businesses in America):  Video 1/2  Video 2/2

    Free Trade Agreement Dialogue (Moderator: Leslie Schweitzer - Senior Trade Advisor - U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Panelists: Ambassador Jaime Eduardo Aleman Healy of Panama, Ambassador Carolina Barco Isakson of Colombia, Ambassador Han Duk-soo of Korea, Stephen Jacobs, Acting Assistant Secretary - MAC, Frank Vargo, Vice President International Economic Affairs, National Association of Manufacturers):  Video 1/3  Video 2/3  Video 3/3

    United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk "Global Competitiveness and the Impact on U.S. Exports"  Video 1/3  Video 2/3  Video 3/3

    Honolulu Hawaii October 29 2009 UH TIM School Legacy Dinner distinguish alumni returning from Asia to attend this annual event

    Honolulu Hawaii USA October 20 2009 - “Rising out of the economic doldrums: the Hong Kong Story" Presented by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) and Kong Kong Economic and Trade Office, San Francisco - Hong Kong has long been a staunch supporter of free trade. At the beginning of 2009, Hong Kong was ranked by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal as the freest economy in the world for the 15th consecutive year. In this talk, Mr. Donald Tong will update the audience on Hong Kong’s latest development, measures to stimulate the economic performance amid the global economic turmoil, and business opportunities in Hong Kong which is the best gateway to China.

    Mr. Donald Tong, JP - Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs, USA

    More Photo on Facebook

    View Power Point Presentation in PDF format:

    突破經濟不景 唐智強談香港經驗 (本報夏威夷訊)

    香港駐美經濟貿易事務署專員唐智強 (Donald Tong) 於10月20日上午8時在此間 Plaza Club 由香港中國夏威夷商會主辦的一項早餐會上發表演說,講題:如何突破經濟不景氣-香港的故事。

    餐會由香港中國夏威夷商會會長蔡永強主持,參會者主要是夏州政商學界人士,包括夏州眾議院議長佘貴人,檀香山市議員譚鴻章和前夏威夷大學旅遊學院院長 Chuck Gee 等將近百人。




    另外,香港一年有三千萬人次的遊客,其中有170萬人來自中國大陸,他們的消費額高於日本、美國和歐洲的遊客,加上香港本地居民的消費額平均 GDP有$30,000 美元,香港確實是一個理想的試驗你的產品和服務,及建立市場的好地方。




    Honolulu Hawaii USA October 15 2009 - Bro. Bernard J. Ploeger, SM., President of Chaminade University of Honolulu spoken at the Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu

    Honolulu Hawaii USA October 2 2009 - Honolulu City Council Recognition of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce for the Co-Sponsoring of the China's 60th National Day Celebration and Mid-Autumn Festival on October 2 2009 at the Empress Chinese Restaurant attended by more than 650 special guests, sponsored by City Councilman Rod Tam.

    Hawaii News Reported on October 16 2009

    30社團攜手同歡 中外嘉賓如雲 - 僑界熱烈慶祝國慶中秋 (本報夏威夷訊)




    介紹當晚與會貴賓,除中國官方代表外,尚有夏州眾議院議長佘貴人,州參議員陳玉珍、州眾議員程慧蘭、Jon Karamatsu、檀市長韓納曼代表公園署長Lester Chang、市議員周強等。聯邦參議員李碩、中國國務院僑辦李海峰主任、中山市外事僑務局高銀嬌局長也分別送來賀函,表示節日的問候與祝福。

    晚會節目豐富多彩,華夏合唱團大合唱「我的祖國,明倫學校歌唱舞蹈表演,夏威夷武術中心「中華武術神韻」表演,來自北京歌唱家伯鶴小姐獨唱「為祖國乾杯」及「望月」,大陸同胞聯誼會張全等表演傣族舞「彩雲之南」,華人茶會合唱團大合唱「夕陽紅」及「我的中國心」,雷智超鋼琴獨奏「平湖秋月」,太極健身會表演武術「太極扇」,方小娟和陳艷春的粵曲演唱「南國之聲」祝壽曲。劉淑美、謝錦輝合唱「兩忘煙水裡」,張英等表演舞蹈「今天是你的生日」、Debra Liu的呼啦舞表演,均非常精彩,博得滿堂歡呼鼓掌。

    香港中國夏威夷商會, 潮州會館、潮州商會、大陸同胞聯誼會、東莞同鄉會、廣東聯誼會、華人茶會、華系公民會、華夏合唱團、黃梁都會館、聯合華人權益促進會、隆都從善堂、美中友協檀香山分會、美中友協夏威夷分會、四邑會館、太極健身會、五邑海外聯誼會、夏大孔子學院、夏大學生學者聯誼會、夏威夷華人舞蹈社、夏威夷香港商會、夏威夷中國文化中心、夏威夷中華武術中心、夏威夷中華總商會、夏威夷中醫藥師針灸科研學會、夏威夷中中同學會、熊貓快餐連鎖店、越棉寮華人聯誼會、以義堂、致公洪青、中國夏威夷華商會。


    夏大主辦晚會多彩 各界嘉賓賀客盈門 - 留學生與學者歡度國慶中秋 (本報夏威夷訊)

    夏 威夷大學中國學生學者聯誼會於9月27日(周日)晚上假座夏大Orvis Auditorium隆重舉行慶祝中華人民共和國成立60周年暨中秋晚會,將近五百位學者、留學生、家屬與僑社嘉賓出席了盛會,大家齊聚一堂,皆大歡喜。協辦此次活動的單位有夏大中國研究中心,中美友誼協會及夏威夷太平洋大學中國同學會,贊助單位包括中國駐洛杉磯領事館,
    香港中國夏威夷商會、夏大中國研究中心,夏威夷中美友誼協會、夏威夷中華總商會、夏威夷銀行、熊貓快餐、Together Bottle Inc. Anianet Netword Inc. 顯示夏大中國學生學者聯誼會舉辦的活動受到各界的重視。


    下午七時許,大家湧進大禮堂就座,晚會由李侃及 2008 年水仙花公主苑丹支持,兩人搭配恰當,使整晚的節目順暢有序,苑丹也多次換裝,一套一套亮麗的服飾,使會場顯得更加生動有趣。七時半,司儀宣佈「60周年國慶暨中秋晚會」開始,全體起立,夏大籃球隊球員、高大的季強同學,舉著五星大紅旗入場,並在舞台上揮舞,全場合唱中美國歌,唱後,全場鼓掌歡呼之聲不絕,場面動人。

    接著,司儀宣讀中國駐洛杉磯總領事張雲的賀詞,祝同學們「節日快樂,學業進步!」。檀香山市長韓納曼代表亞拉克女士,檀香山市議員譚鴻章,夏州參眾議會代表 Philman Lee 輪流上台講話致贈賀狀,祝賀中華人民共和國國運昌隆。

    當晚演出的文藝節目精彩豐富,有華夏合唱團與夏大中國學生學者聯誼會推出的合唱及男聲獨唱「一條大河」及「在那桃花盛開的地方」;張唐嵐同學以鋼琴彈唱「萬水千山總是情」;水仙花公主苑丹表演舞蹈「歡樂的跳吧」;學生學者聯誼會會長白葉斐獨唱「蝸牛」;夏大 Leisure Center 草裙舞團表演「草裙舞」;八位同學聯合表演流行歌曲聯唱;梁寧見和蔡猛表演古箏朗誦,朗誦詞「我的祖國」;繆寧靜與 Daniel Ng 表演拉丁舞,由張秀指導的夏威夷武術中心學生表演中國武術。最後由來自北京的歌唱家獨唱「海藍雲天」、「我的祖國」,均非常受歡迎,掌聲不絕。文藝節目間插幸運抽獎,帶動了會場歡樂氣氛。


    Hawaii News Reported on October 4 2009

    驻洛杉矶总领事张云出席夏威夷侨界庆祝中华人民共和国成立六十周年暨欢度中秋节联欢晚会 (驻洛杉矶总领馆供稿)

    2009年10月2日,张云总领事在檀香山出席夏威夷侨界庆祝中华人民共和国成立六十周年暨欢度中秋节联欢晚会并发表讲话。夏威夷州众议长Calvin Say等地方政要、夏威夷中华总商会等三十多家侨团和各界来宾近八百人参加。






    张云总领事与Calvin Say众议长(左)和庆典委员会主席, 李子健先生(右)在一起


    夏威夷举行“光彩中国”节 庆祝中国国庆60周年

    环球时报驻美国特约记者王启超报道,为庆祝中华人民共和国成立60周年和中美建交30周年,“光彩中国”节当地时间3日在夏威夷檀香山市举行。 美国《檀香山广告商报》3日援引美联社报道,这是檀香山市举办的第七届中国节。檀香山市政府官员表示,很高兴能一起庆祝中国和夏威夷之间贸易和旅游业的发展。” 据报道,“光彩中国”的展览自今年1月起在全美巡回进行,在夏威夷的展出结束后,有关展览品将被永久存放在亚特兰大卡特中心中

    Hawaii News Reported on October 3 2009


    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Wed, October 7 2009 11:30am at The Plaza Club  "Get a piece of the China's US$90 billion outbound investments in 12 months" - Opportunities Niches for Hawaii China Business? By DAVID Z MAO, Attorney-at-law, Shanghai Pioneer Law Office.

    Download presentation outlines

    Presentation Video 1/5  2/5  3/5  4/5  5/5

    Reported by World Journal Newspaper on October 12 2009

    Mountain View California USA Oct 2 2009 - Johnson Choi (UH TIM 1977) and Kevin Iwamoto (UH TIM 1977) Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, met at Fu Lam Mum Seafood Restaurant to catch up with old times and business opportunities in North America and Asia.

    San Francisco California USA - HKCHcc Members, UH TIM Alumni, RHS Alumni and Friends met for BBQ Party with Plenty of California Wine and Karaoke

    Honolulu Hawaii USA September 22 2009 - UH Board of Regent & Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of Travel Industry Management met with Agnes Kwok Yates of San Diego (UH TIM1977) and Johnson Choi  (UH TIM 1977) at the Royal Garden Restaurant for lunch.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Saturday September 19 2009: Chaminade University celebrated the inauguration of its ninth president, Bro. Bernard Ploeger, S.M., Ph.D. Chaminade University Alumni representing various class years assemble prior to entering Dr. Richard T Mamiya Theatre for the formal event.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA: Thursday - September 17, 2009 11:00am: Professor D Q Liu Requests the Honor of Your Company at the Opening Ceremony of an Exhibition of His Works of Art at the Courtyard of Honolulu Hale (Honolulu City Hall) - 530 South King Street, Honolulu Hawaii 96913 USA - Grand Opening and Reception on Thursday, September 17 2009 11:00am - Exhibition Period: September 17 - 21, 2009

    click on the small pictures to the left for full view

    Co-Sponsored by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

    Mr. Ding Quan Liu is a Master Classical Chinese Artist versed in all phases of Chinese Traditional Painting. He learned his craft from one of the most prestigious art school in Canton China. Specializing in Water Color Media, his painting come alive in brilliant color, form perspective, light, and shadows. His works gained the recognition of many art connoisseurs and collectors. His tremendous talents are clearly evident to all who see his beautiful renderings.

    Click on the picture for full view

    Taipei Taiwan Republic of China - August 17 - 26 2009: Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of Travel Industry Management and Board of Regent of the University of Hawaii Chaired the Judge Panel at the Taiwan International Chinese Culinary Competition (The lady who is at center stage in two of the photos (speaking and hitting gong), Ms. Seh-jen Lai (Janice), Director-General of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the Republic of China.)

    TV Coverage and Interviews: Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of Travel Industry Management and Board of Regent of the University of Hawaii Chaired the Judge Panel at the Taiwan International Chinese Culinary Competition. A team of Taiwanese chefs has captured the gold in this years World Culinary Contest, after beating the mainland Chinese team in the final round of the competition, Bay Area chefs take bronze

    San Francisco California USA: August 28 2009 - Special screening of A VILLAGE CALLED VERSAILLES at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Friday, Aug 28th. Pastor Vien Nguyen from Mary Queen of Vietnam Church, one of the most respected leaders from the Versailles community and the key interviewee in our film. Q&A with Father Vien Nguyen who came all the way from New Orleans and Producer-Director S. Leo Chiang after the screening.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Thursday August 20 2009: Metropolitan Rotary Club Honolulu - "Hawaii's Road to Statehood" -  Judge James Burns & Emme Tomimbang (Mrs Burn) - Hawaii’s significant and unusual road to statehood - Judge James Burns, Son of John A. Burns, Hawaii’s governor from 1962-1974, crafter of the statehood bill and founder of the John A. Burns Medical School gave us a rare, up-close look at Hawaii as it was from 1778 - 1959.

    Judge Burns Presentation Video - Video 1/4  2/4  3/4  4/4 (click on the links to view videos)

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Friday August 14 2009 - Contracting Opportunities for Small Business and Capturing Your Share of the Stimulus Dollars - Honored Guest Speaker - U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Sunday August 16 2009 - Meeting with Friends for 30 years and Supporter of HKCHcc, Dr. Sally Chou - Assistant Superintendent of the Malibu California School District and Mr. Chia Cheng Chou - Former Chief Engineer of the American Hawaii Cruises celebrating his 90th Birthday later this year.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Friday August 14 2009 - Celebration UH Board of Regent, Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee 76th Birthday with UH TIM Alumni, HKCHcc Members and Friends before leaving for Taipei Taiwan to judge the Taipei International Chinese Cuisine Competition between Aug 17 - 26 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

    Honolulu Hawaii Aug 14 2009 Met with News Media at the Plaza Club Regarding Recent Complaints on Hawaii's Censorship on Performance by Chinese Artists from China in Hawaii at the Showroom located at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center

    Wednesday August 12 2009 Rick Blandiardi - General Manager of KGMB9 (Rank#1 in Hawaii) met with Affiliated Chamber of of Commerce on the Subject of Marketing

    View Photo on Facebook


    Tuesday August 11 2009 CMC Consulting Group & HKCHcc Members Met to Celebrate Michael Zhang's Birthday at Lung Fung Restaurant with Dennis Teranishi CEO of Hawaiian Host Chocolates - Niu Valley Shopping Center - Honolulu Hawaii USA

    Thursday August 6 2009 Hawaii Pacific Export Council (HPEC) met at Foreign Trade Zone, Honolulu Hawaii USA

    Sunday August 2 2009 at Double Tree Sonoma Hotel - UH TIM Alumni in San Francisco and Pacific Coast Region would like to invite you to a fun day at Sonoma Wine Country (1 Doubletree Dr, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 Map) Event organizers are Ted Sakai**, Johnson Choi**, Paul Tang**, Ren Hirose**, King Tang and Kenny Kwong., Special Guest is Dr. Juanita Liu, Interim Dean and Professor of Tourism of UH School of Travel Industry Management. (**Past Presidents of TIMI - Alumni Association of the School of Travel Industry Management - University of Hawaii at Manoa). It was fun to discover Sonoma Valley. Two wineries visits had allowed more time for us to enjoy lunch at Sonoma Square. Sebastiani has beautiful wooden barrels wine bats on display, with murals carved in the barrels, showing off the artistry that has always been a part of this industry. Ledson was a fun winery for the group to experience - don't you think? Big Mahalo to our Fellow UH TM Alumni Mr. Ted Sakai for the excellent arrangement - many of us had bought cases of fine wine at 30% discount. We had finished in time to have dinner with Dr. Liu at the lovely Seafood restaurant in (Millbrae) San Francisco hosted by our Fellow UH TIM Alumni Mr. King Tang...big Mahalo King!  We are so excited that we are planning another get together when Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee return to San Francisco for Christmas/New Year holiday. Also we are asking our fellow UH TIM Alumni to help plan for an International UH TIM Alumni get together during the Shanghai Expo, sometime between May - Oct 2010 - Stay tune!

    More pictures on Facebook

    Courtesy of Dennis Burton

    View Video on YouTube

    An excellent dish that go well with wine and beer - it is ono!

    UH TIM Alumni (Singapore) - Pig Out at Donna Carmela, 31 July 2009

    UH TIM Alumni (Singapore Chapter) from the 70's and 80's gathered for a “Pig Out” session at the Donna Carmela on 31 July 2009. Over Wine and Beer, they “Talked Story” about TIM School days, updated each other on personal and career developments; and then demonstrated their skills and experience in tackling the Churrascaria and Pasta! Next demonstration scheduled for November 2009 - Thanksgiving Dinner, with the venue and date to be advised. Visiting Alumni are welcome to join us! Please contact Tony Chia at

    View event photo on Facebook

    (a) From (Anti-Clockwise) Jennifer Tan. Jackie. Seah, Richard Ong, Huang Cheng Eng, Clyde Min, Seah Chang Un, Tony Chia, Diana Seow, Mark Yuen Yu Tai, Hilda Min, Anthony Wong, Kenneth Wong


    (b) Chang Un, Clyde, Cheng Eng  (c) Chang Un, Clyde, Cheng Eng, Richard, Jackie, Jennifer

    (b) (c)

    (d) Cheng Eng, Richard, Jackie, Jennifer (e) Kenneth and Anthony

    (d) (e)

    (f) Kenneth and Anthony (g) Kenneth, Anthony, Hilda

    (f) (g)

    (h) Mark, Diana, Tony (i) Mark, Diana, Tony

    (h) (i)

    San Francisco California July 30 2009 - Meeting Mr. James Fang, President of Asian Week Newspaper and Chairman of San Francisco-Shanghai Sister City Committee - Office of Mayor Gavin Newman to discuss business collaborations. Mr. Fang is expecting to lead a delegation of 400 members representing both Public and Private Sectors leaders to attend the Shanghai World Expo June 10 - 20 2010. The business focus will be on green/alternative energy and technology.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA: Confucius Institute new session of Mandarin classes on July 11 2009 - For detailed information, please refer to the following website: 

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - Hilton Prince Kuhio Hotel - July 8 2009: UH School of Travel Industry Management 31st Annual EDIT Reception - UH TIM School has one of the best known program within the UH System supporting the largest industry in Hawaii continue to attract the best tourism executives to attend the program for 31 years.

    View Video Online on Youtube


    Redwood City California USA: James Barnett July 4th Party with High-Tech Executives and VCs.

    Kuala Lumpur Malaysia July 4 2009: Clyde & Hilda Min, Alan Ong - Renew, Reconnect, Revive-Original Regent of Kuala Lumpur F&B Staff reunion over 30 years of friendship!

    Palo Alto California USA June 27 2009 - Duke Aiona, Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii & 2010 Candidate for Governor of Hawaii. Hosted by Fred and Annie Chan. Guest Speaker: Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee at Trader Vic’s, 4269 Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA - It has helped us to connect with many distinguished friends from Hawaii and to discuss with Lt. Governor an important role UH TIM School are playing and the best known brand in Asia within the UH System.

    Hong Kong SAR June 25 2009: UH TIM Alumni/HKCHcc Member Roberta Wong Leung - Dinner at City University with Jeff Lau President Elect of Chinese Chamber of Commerce and 2nd princess Narcissus Dan Yuan. Jeff is on board with UH Foundation and College of Business Alumni Association, he accompanied UH President David McClain to HK last year.

    San Francisco California June 23 2009: UH TIM Alumni King Tang, Kenny Kwong and Johnson Choi met at Kiyoya Restaurant - Palace Hotel to plan for a get together on Aug 2nd when Dr. Juanita C Liu, Interim Dean of UH School of TIM visit San Francisco with UH TIM Alumni and Friends.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA June 17 2009 Lunch at Koko Cafe Restaurant - Hale Koa Hotel - UH TIM Alumni and Friends got together represented by TIMI Directors, Dr. Juanita Liu, Interim Dean of UH School of TIM and Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee, UH Board of Regent for Business Networking, Sharing Ideas and Having a Good time.

    Honolulu Hawaii USA - June 6 2009 年華語歌唱比賽 - 21st (2009) Hawaii Chinese Association Annual Karaoke Contest at Mid-Pacific Institute

    1st Place Winner 葉凌妘 Sarah Yeh (also winner of 最佳服裝儀容); Songs: 你是愛我的 & 相見恨晚
    2nd Place Winner 王寧寧 Ning Habit; Songs: 紅豆 & 美麗心情
    3rd Place Winner 葉麗花 Alpha Yeh; Songs: 剪愛 & 維多利亞的秘密
    4th Place 趙昕 Xin; Songs: 忘記你我做不到 & 深海
    5th Place 李妮妮 Nini Lee (also winner of 長青獎); Songs: 敲敲門 & 台北的天空
    6th Place 郭麗蘭 Alice Kuo; Songs: 懸崖 & 離歌
    Non-Chinese Singer Winner 非華語獎 Laura Smith; Song: 甜蜜蜜 

    最佳人緣獎 Winner 溫孝仁 John Woodman; Song: 你怎麼說

    View Photo on Facebook

    Click on the pictures below to view performance videos


    Honolulu Hawaii USA June 5 2009: Chinese Students and Scholars Association at University of Hawaii 夏威夷大学中国学生学者联谊会 (CSSAUH change of leadership ceremony - Mr. Yefei Bai has elected as the new president for June 2009 - 2010. The ceremony was taken place at the UH College of Business Administration. Outgoing CSSAUH President Mr. Jian Ma has delivered a work report for the previous year. Dinner was provided to all guests followed by showing the movie Nanjing! Nanjing! (City of life and death).

    Honolulu Hawaii Thursday, June 4, 2009: “The Chinese are Coming, The Chinese are Coming” Paul Pei, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Ocean Park, Hong Kong - Mainland China is a massive market for the entire world. With a population of 1.3 billion, it has already proven its power in tourism, and this is only the beginning. Its citizens are eager to travel, to visit other cultures, and to experience what they have not been able to do. A Memorandum of Understanding between the US and China has opened the door for a potentially lucrative flow of visitors to Hawaii. But, are you ready to capture your share of this huge opportunity? Do you understand what their interests are, their sensitivity to price and quality, their expectations of service, how they behave, and more basically, how to reach and communicate with them? Paul Pei is Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Ocean Park Hong Kong, a marine animal theme park that served over 5 million visitors in 2008, of which approximately half were from mainland China. Raised in Honolulu, he has spent most of his career in the orient, for thirty years in the hotel business in Singapore and Hong Kong and the last nine years at Ocean Park. He has been intimately involved in attracting and serving the 2.5 million visitors from China that visited his park last year. Hong Kong in total welcomed 16.8 million visitors from China in 2008, which now represents the largest segment of Hong Kong’s thriving tourism industry. Mr. Pei will share their experiences and provide tips on how to welcome and serve these visitors, who now spend more per person per day on vacation here than our Japanese visitors.

    View Presentation on YouTube Video 1/4
    2/4 3/4 4/4

    San Francisco - California USA: Taken at Diamond Harbor Seafood Restaurant, Foster City, California on May 21 2009 (L-R Carmen Choi, Johnson Choi UH TIM 1977, Marco Chan UH TIM 1970, Alicia Chan - Marco's sister and a UH alumni and Holden Lim UH TIM 1989)

    UH TIM Alumni / HKCHcc Member (Hilda Min, Dr Theresa Chew of Asia Spa Institute, Roberta Wong Leung, Jennifer Tan, Kyoko Saeki and Clyde Min) luncheon St Regis Hotel Singapore April 3, 2009

    Dinner in Honor of UH Board of Regent - Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee - UH School of Travel Industry Management in Hong Kong Tuesday April 22, 2009 6:30pm - YMCA of Hong Kong, 41 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    view event photo on Facebook

    View UH Board of Regent, Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee's Speech in Hong Kong on April 22 2009 (no signed up required - just click on the link -> Video 1/2 2/2

    view event videos on Facebook:







    Honolulu Hawaii April 10th - Lunch with Professor Emeritus Wai Hang Lai and Mrs. Celia Lai at the Royal Garden Restaurant - Ala Moana Hotel - Professor Lai was my Art 101 Instructor at the Kauai Community College Spring 1974

    Honolulu Hawaii April 9th: Hawaii Global Links Forum | Featuring the U.S. Department of Commerce Senior Commercial Officers from the U.S. Embassies in Seoul, and Singapore. Our Senior Commercial Officers lead the Commercial Service's efforts to help U.S. companies sell their products and services in 89 markets around the world. Mr. John Fogarasi serves in Seoul, and Mr. Daniel Thompson serves in Singapore.

    download presentation in PDF format  

    download presentation in PDF format  

    Honolulu Hawaii April 1st: Hawaii Global Links Forum | The Philippines: Featuring the U.S. Department of Commerce Senior Commercial Officers from the U.S. Embassies in Manila. Senior Commercial Officers lead the Commercial Service's efforts to help U.S. companies sell their products and services in 89 markets around the world. Mr. Patrick Wall serves in Manila

    download presentation in PDF format

      Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 12:00 – 2:00 PM: Signing of Closer Economic Cooperation Arrangement between China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of USA and Wujin Oversea Friendship Association of China

    Changzhou City is situated in a very strategic location at the southern part of Jiangsu Province. Wujin is a district within Changzhou and it is at the center of Changzhou’s industrial industry. It houses over 20,000 industrial enterprises with an emphasis on equipment manufacturing. Textile, garments, electronics, and construction materials are also produced here. Wujin district is an important transportation hub with a web of railways and highway as well as proximity to major ports and some of China’s largest airports. Ms. Ni, who leads a trade mission delegation from China, will speak about business opportunities with Wujin, Changzhou City, followed by Mr. Mao, who provides an update on what is happening in this exciting region.

    Ms. Ni is Vice Chairwoman of Wujin Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) which is a political advisory body in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The organization consists of delegates from a range of political parties and organizations, as well as independent members, in China. In addition to this important position, Ms. Ni is also the director of Wujin Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office is an administrative office under the leadership of the PRC State Council which assists the Premier in handling the overseas Chinese affairs. Prior to her political career, she was a medical doctor and later became the President of Wujin People’s Hospital.

    Click on the small picture to your left for full view of the agreement

    Recognition Certificates from Speaker of the House Calvin Say, Representative Angus McKelvey and Representative Isaac Choy, Hawaii State House of Representative and Recognition Certificate from Councilman Charles Djou, City and County of Honolulu, State of Hawaii

    Click on the small picture to your left for full view of the Recognition Certificates

    Download Hawaii Innovation & Energy Overview

    Download Info about Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

    World Journal Newspaper Coverage reported on March 27 2009

    More pictures on Facebook



    March 22 2009

    UH TIM Alumni and Friends hosting a small dinner get together with UH Board of Regents - Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee at the Kirin Chinese Restaurant

    Honolulu Hawaii - Friday - March 20th 4:30pm - Confucius Institute at the University of Hawai‘i at Mänoa 2009 Public Lecture Series - co-sponsored by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) Presents

    Yuan-tsung Chen, Author and writer - “The Contribution by Overseas Chinese to the Birth of Modern China” - Chen will speaking on the way in which overseas Chinese, particularly those in Hawai‘i, contributed to the birth of modern China by supporting the 1911 Revolution, led by Sun Yat-sen and his followers; introducing the best of Western democratic ideas to the Chinese people; and forging friendly relations between the U.S.A. and China.

    World Journal Newspaper Coverage reported on March 23 2009

    Honolulu Hawaii: Wednesday – March 18 2009 6:30 – 9:00pm: Sponsored by Enterprise Honolulu, UH Shidler College of Business, Cades Schutte LLP & Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce - Presenting - "Tsinghua CEO Club - Opportunities Niches for Hawaii China Business? - "Hawaii: The USA's Alternative Energy Demonstration Site" - 45 CEOs representing major industries in China and Member of the of the Tsinghua CEO Club met with Business Executives in Honolulu to discuss investment opportunities in Hawaii, United States and China

    click on small picture for full view

    Recognition Certificates from Speaker of the House Calvin Say, Representative Angus McKelvey and Representative Isaac Choy, Hawaii State House of Representative - Individual recognition certificates were presented to each of the 45 Tsinghua CEO Club Members.

    Recognition Certificate from Councilman Charles Djou, City and County of Honolulu, State of Hawaii

    Download Hawaii Innovation & Energy Overview

    World Journal Newspaper Coverage reported on March 23 2009

    Click on the small picture to your left for full view or

    view full size photo on Facebook

    Honolulu Hawaii January 27 2009 at the Plaza Club: "Legal Ramifications and Implications of Doing Business in China" - Opportunities Niches for Hawaii China Business? DAVID Z MAO, Attorney-at-law, Shanghai Pioneer Law Office - Organized by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc), Co-sponsored by Hawaii Pacific Export Council, Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (PAAC), Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa, The Hawaii Science & Technology Council, Hawaii State Bar Association - International Law Section, and Center for Chinese Studies and Confucius Institute

    View David Mao's Power Point Presentation in PDF format

    Photo taken by James Yan, Hawaii Chinese News Newspaper

    Honolulu Hawaii State Capitol: January 22 2009 : 23 Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii WALK AROUND AT THE STATE CAPITOL meeting with Legislators

    CHAMBER'S "WALK AROUND AT THE STATE CAPITOL" - On January 22, from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m., more than 40 members from the business community participated in the Chamber's "Walk Around at the State Capitol." We went door-to-door to say hello and ask for the legislators' support this session. We also took this time to distribute the Chamber's 2009 Legislative Agenda.

    In addition to the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii's members, who represented different sized companies and industries, we had representation from:


    The representation was truly statewide. This and the sheer turnout made an impression on the legislators. Reiterated by many of the legislators we saw, this is the time to participate in the legislative process and make our voices heard.

    We truly appreciate the following legislators for taking the time to talk story with us: Senator Kidani (pictured on left), Senator Espero, Senator Hooser, Senator Kokubun, Senator Nishihara, Senator Slom, Senator Fukunaga, Rep. Bertram, Rep. Rep. Evans, Rep. Ito, Rep. Sagum, Rep. Souki, and Rep. Tsuji. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to visit the third floor legislators, but look forward to in future "Walk Arounds."

    Honolulu Hawaii State Capitol: January 20 2009 - COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY (Senator Carol Fukunaga, Chair; Senator Rosalyn H. Baker, Vice Chair) COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION, BUSINESS, & MILITARY AFFAIRS (Rep. Angus L.K. McKelvey, Chair; Rep. Isaac W. Choy, Vice Chair) hear testimony:

    Testimony - How did Act 221 arise?
    Ray Kamikawa, J.D.
    Chun Kerr Dodd Beaman & Wong

    Testimony - Department of Taxation Reports on Act 221 (September and December 2008)
    Kurt Kawafuchi, Director
    Department of Taxation

    Testimony - Experiences of Act 221 Businesses
    Jeffrey Au, PacifiCap Group, LLC
    David Watumull, Cardax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    100s of millions of payroll, 1,000s of job could disappear and 100s of companies could leave Hawaii!

    San Francisco - California USA: January 1 2009: Meeting with Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in Singapore, Ms. Subrina Chow (Ms. Chow was the Deputy Director of HKETO in SF When Michael Lee and Annie Tang were Directors)


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