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"Bring Back TIM Night - Pride of UH School of TIM" - Click Here to take the 1 minute survey  You are welcome to write more elaborate comments supporting TIM Alumni case and email it to (mark "confidential" if you do not want to disclose your name) But just in case you are really busy, the 1 minute survey will at least give us some indication and a chance for you to express your opinion about TIM Night. In case you want to write, 50 - 60% of the current faculty may NOT know about the history of TIM School or TIM Night when they are hired to join UH TIM School. There may be some selling we have to do (i.e. like selling July 4th to someone in power to terminate Independent Day that know nothing about American history).

The Pride of UH TIM School through the generous contributions from 1,000s of UH TIM Alumni and Donors in Hawaii, Pacific Asian, North America and Europe for the establishment of the "Sunset Reference Library', the "Leong Hop & Bernice C. Loui Computer Laboratory" and the "Gee Technology Center" - click on the link for details or

email pictures in JPG format to Johnson Choi (UH TIM Class of '77)

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Dean Emeritus Chuck Y Gee of UH - School of Travel Industry Management celebrated his 70th Birthday on 08-28-03 at the Monarch Room of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. More than 200 guests from around the world will be attending.

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Area Code 808

Johnson Choi** (Treasurer) Global Estate & Tax Consultants / Makai Motion Pictures LLC / Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce 524-5738

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Lee-Ann Choy Pacific Rim Concepts LLC 864-9812

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Daniel Chun State of Hawaii 586-2596 587-2787
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Ren Hirose** Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii 921-4066

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1992 Ernie Nishizaki 1993 Roberta Wong
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1998 Kathy Inkinen 1999 Johnson Choi & Ted Sakai
2000 Paul Tang 2001 Paul Yokota
2002 Tsuyoshi Sakata 2003 Ren Hirose
2004 Lois Sismar 2005 Dean Nakasone
2006 Recognize All Hall of Honor Recipients 1992 - 2005 2007 Hawai'i Hospitality Hall of Fame

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UH TIM Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee interviewed by Shanghai TV Station - 1st American University and Dean Invited by China Government to enter China in 1978

Aloha, Dave:

You did a lot of work to cobble together the viewpoints of alumni in drafting the Association's position paper on TIM Night. Congratulations on a job well done.

As the person who originated the event under founding dean Barnet, here is my 2 cents worth:

The value of TIM Night goes beyond its learning merit. It was until 2005 the only continuous activity to perpertuate the sense of a standing "tradition" in TIM since 1966 (when the first event--"TIM goes Inter-Continental" was created). Aside from its value as a "real world" exercise to compensate for not having quantity foods lab in the school in the early years, which is again the current situation, having a tradition in the model of the then top three HRTM schools on the mainland, namely--Cornell Hotel School (Ezra Cornell Day), MSU`s HRI School (Le Gourmet Night) and the University of Denver's H&R School (Pioneer Day)--was part of the reason TIM Night was created at the outset. The newly established TIM School of 1967/68 was not known to the profession and could not compete in reputation to schools which had at least a half century head start. It was common knowledge within the industry that these once-a-year events helped promote the mainland programs to their constituencies--not only the lodging and hospitality companies, but also the parents of students enrolled in HRTM majors. Indeed, industry often had their first exposure to students through these banquet projects. One reason given by local industry in supporting TIM Night was to recruit talented students who assumed leadership positions in the project.

As you noted, there has been a great deal of change in TIM Night over the years. The event took on different dimensions to dilute its original purpose and ideals. Too much of the activities that are true learning value got farmed out, while TIM students focused on the "show business" end of the event--something they were ill-equipped to do without proper professional assistance and oversight. The last few events--I've shared my observations with Dean Jamieson about this--were far less in quality than earlier events under John Cox and the students' industry mentors. Strangely, the best TIM Nights were produced during the days when no academic credits were given--only the waiver of an internship requirement (and this was done much later). When TIM Night got co-opted to replace the loss of Business Night--our once conjoint activity with CBA--it further changed the original intent and objectives of TIM Night.

In summary, I endorse the alumni's position, but with this caveat: The students have to really want and be willing to work it, the faculty and administration must back them, and the alumni and industry need to assist. Absent support from any of these constitutencies, TIM Night cannot prevail nor recapture its earlier glory.

Chuck Gee

Calendar of Events - 2008 - Events & Photo before 2008

Board of Directors Meetings: 4 - 6pm George Hall on Wednesday March 5 2008; Friday May 16 2008 (3-5pm); Wednesday July 9 2008; Friday September 5 2008 (Neighbor Island); Wednesday November 12 2008, please RSVP and advise if you need parking pass to Tia Ikeno at 808-956-3617 or by email to

October 12th at Double Tree Sonoma Hotel - UH TIM Alumni in San Francisco and North America invite you to a fun day at Sonoma Wine Country

Event organizers are Ted Sakai*, Johnson Choi*, Paul Tang*, Rita Lau and Holden Lim., Special Guests are Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee and Professor Morton Fox

We are expecting UH TIM Alumni coming in from Canada, Mid-west and East Coast of USA & Canada attending the event.

UH TIM Alumni and friends are welcome to stay overnight at the beautiful Double Tree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country managed by one of our own UH TIM Alumni, Mr. Ted Sakai****

09:00 Champagne Brunch at Bacchus Restaurant at the Hotel***
10:30 Meet at Double Tree Sonoma Hotel Lobby
11:00 Schlumberger Winery Tasting and Tour of Grounds**
12:30 Ferrari Carrano Winery - beautiful estate and garden**
13:30 Lunch at Dry Creek General Store**
14:45 Lancaster Estate**
16:00 Return to Hotel and go back to Bay Area

The following will be "optional" pr0gram for those staying overnight:

16:00 Return to Double Tree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country**** and Check In
16:30 Rest or Swim
19:00 Dinner - walk to Mary's Pizza or Hana Sushi or drive to nearby restaurant
20:30 Shoot pool at the Hotel/Talk story/port and chocolates in the Library

Other point of interest is Riverrock Casino. It's approximately 35 minutes north of the hotel in Alexander Valley, north of Healdsburg.

*Past President of UH TIM Alumni
**Tentative - subject to change - wine tasting fee may apply
****Ted Sakai, General Manager of Double Tree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country is offering a $99 ($112.96 inclusive) rate on the Sunday (Oct 12th). Just call 1-800-HILTON and ask for DT Sonoma on Sunday, October 12th. Ted has created an SRP for TIM. For the special rate they must book under the SRP code "TIM".

Please RSVP to Johnson Choi at (808) 524-5738 or by email to by Oct 8, 2008.

Hotel booking, please refer to "****" above.

Additional information: and

Thursday, October 23rd, 6-9pm The Legacy in Tourism Dinner and Silent Auction at the Hawaii Convention Center - please contact Tia at 

Friday - December 19 2008, 5:00 - 7:30pm - Fall Graduation 2008 at George Hall, University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management (UH TIM), Special Reception Hosted by TIMI (T.I.M. International, Inc., Alumni Association of the University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management) please RSVP and advise if you need parking pass to Tia Ikeno at 808-956-3617 or by email to

By Invitation Only: Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee Celebrates his 75th Birthday with UH TIM Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Friends on August 16 2008 at the Hawaii Prince Hotel

Video Presentation by David Heenan, Former Dean of UH College of Business and Chairman of Campbell Estate

Video Presentation by UH TIM Alumni Clyde Min, Vice President - Asia Pacific, Kingdom Hotels

Video Singing Happy Brithday and Presentation by Chuck Gee

Video of Special Guest

Honolulu-Hawaii-August 12 2008 - Royal Garden Restaurant - Clyde G Min - UH TIM Alumni/VP Asset Management Asia Pacific of Kingdom Hotel Investment based in Singapore met with UH TIM Alumni to share with us business opportunities in Asia Pacific Region, what Hospitality executive are looking for, what other major hotel/hospitality focus school are offering, where major hotel/hospitality corporation are sending their managers for executive training and international UH TIM Alumni support to have a strong "UH TIM Hawaii" campus.

Beijing China - August 12th: UH TIM Alumni Networking Dinner in Beijing China - Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing

More than 23 persons have already signed up for the dinner at 7:00pm, August 12th at Crowne Cafe. The Dinner buffet has a big spread, at only Rmb$198+ per person. Alternatively, you can choose from the ala carte menu. IF you are coming from the Great Wall tour, the hotel is on the way towards the city. Please RSVP by Aug 10th to Eugene Ong, General Manager, Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing located at 60, Fuqian 1 St., Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312, China; Tel (86) 10 5810 8888; dir (86) 10 5810 8688; fax (86) 10 5810 1698 e-mail; website 

UHTIM Alumni, Ernest Yeung, Roberta Wong Leung, Eugene Ong

Danny Tam/ex Halekulani, Eugene Ong, Ernest Yeung, Linda Ong, Roberta Wong Leung, Alice Cheong/Hyatt Regency Jingjin

UH TIM Alumni Ian Chu, Roberta Wong Leung and DBEDT Beijing Office Niki Shishido

Beijing China - August 7, 2008 7 p.m. on Thurs., at the Jing Guang New World Hotel, 2nd floor restaurant. Fellow TIM alumnus, Mr. Allen Chiu is general manager and can be reached by calling 86-10-6597-8888.

Cost: Each person pays for their own dinner.

RSVP: and 

Information: Roberta Wong Leung at

For information, please contact: Johnson Choi at (415) 691-6138 (San Francisco USA); (808) 524-5738 (Hawaii USA), (852) 8171-3118 (Hong Kong SAR) or by email to

Wednesday - July 9 2008 - UH TIM School EDIT Reception (30th Anniversary) at the Hilton Hawaii Prince Hotel, Remarks by Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee

Video 1/2  Video 2/2

San Francisco - Saturday, July 26th at 9:00am - UH TIM Alumni (Roberta Wong Leung '71, Rita Lau '78, Holden Lim '89 and Johnson Choi '77) met in San Francisco for Breakfast at the Stacks Restaurant, 361 California St, Burlingame, California for business networking.

Wednesday - July 9 2008 - Presentation of "Appreciation Plague" by Dr. Wing Yeung of Tzu Chi Foundation to T.I.M. International Inc for the Fundraising Efforts for the "China Earthquake Relief Fund"  (L - R: Johnson Choi, Dr. Wing Yeung and Dave Evans)

May 31, 2008 Shunde Polytechnic, Shunde, Guangzhou, China Organized by Roberta Wong Leung, Dean - UH TIM Alumni: "Quality Service" Presentation & Seminar, Guests and/or Speakers are Michael Wu, Chair of HATA, Edmund Tsang Education Chair/Swire Travel MD/Past HATA chair, Richard Willis, Kuoni Travel, Past Chair HATA, Zhang Hanqin HK Poly University Associate Professor - Richard Willis, David Chan - General Manager - Hyatt Regency Dongguan - UH TIM Alumni, Professor Soo May Cheng/IFT Tourism School Macau

May 16 2008 Bali: International UH TIM Alumni at the Regent Reunion at beautiful Conrad Bali

(L- R) Tim Marsden, Hilda Min, Clyde Min, Roberta Wong Leung, Alan ong, Chris Stafford, Aldrin Leung (EDIT)

(L - R) Chris Stafford, Tim Marsden, Clyde Min, Bill Black (EDIT lecturer 2007), Roberta Wong Leung, Syed Al'shahab (former Regent staff), Aldrin Leung (EDIT)

Friday - May 16 2008, 5:00 - 7:30pm - Spring Graduation 2008 at George Hall, University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management (UHTIM), Special Reception Hosted by TIMI (T.I.M. International, Inc., Alumni Association of the University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management) please RSVP and advise if you need parking pass to Tia Ikeno at 808-956-3617 or by email to

May 4 2008: Celebrating 2008 SBA Minority Small Business Champion of the Year - National Winner Award with Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee, Brenda Foster - President of AmCham Shanghai, Larry Foster - Former Dean and Professor of UH Law School, Dennis & Brenda Teranishi - CEO of Hawaiian Host Chocolates, Michael & Jenny Zhang - President and CEO of Blue Hawaii Surf, Yen Chun & Dickie Ching - COO of CMC Consulting Group Inc and Shao Jun Zhang - Dean of Fudan Shanghai Art College at the Mandalay Restaurant

April 30 2008 - SBA Hawaii Presenting the 2008 SBA Small Business Award Winner at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - special thanks to Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee, Dennis Teranishi, Brenda Foster for the support during the competition on the State, Regional and National levels and my wife Carmen for allowing me to spend 20+ hours per week on HKCHcc and other non-profit organizations such as T.I.M. International Inc, Hawaii Pacific Export Council, Hawaii Chinese Association and the U.S.-China People Friendship Association; special thanks also to our Founding Members and Directors of HKCHcc for their continuous support.

Dear Dean Jaimerson, UH TIM Alumni, Faculty and Staff:

Thank you for coming to the 2008 SBA award luncheon on April 30th, it is so great to see so many friends from UH TIM School.

It is also so happy to see the good report from the accreditation team citing what make UH TIM School stand out is the Sunset Library, the Gee Technology Center and the Computer Lab that make us so different from other college.

More importantly, the staff, the faculty and alumni that really care about the future of UH TIM School working as a team training our future leaders in Hotel and Restaurant management where the best paying job is and will be in the next 20 years.


April 23 2008

UH TIM Alumni (Distinguished Hall of Honor Alumni 1999, Treasurer, Director and Past President of T.I.M. International Inc, alumni association of UH School of TIM) - Johnson Choi (1977) - "2008 Minority Small Business Champion of the Year" - National Winner, by U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Honolulu man honored in D.C.

Honolulu businessman Johnson Choi was honored by the Small Business Administration as 2008 Minority Champion during a ceremony today in the nation's capital. Choi was one of 10 small-business owners and leaders of small-business support organizations nationwide recognized for their support of entrepreneurs. The SBA Champion Awards were presented as part of the annual observance of National Small Business Week. Choi, president of the Hong Kong-China-Hawai'i Chamber of Commerce, works with many Asian immigrants to start businesses, particularly in the area of exporting. He won at the state and regional level before claiming the national title. "The SBA is proud to honor these men and women as true champions of small business, whose tireless efforts have provided tangible and significant support to small businesses and to their communities," said SBA Administrator Steve Preston.

Video 1/3 Video 2/3 Video 3/3 CNN Shadow TV

We are informed by Mr. Steven C Preston, Administrator of the United States Small business Administration (SBA) Washington DC that Johnson Choi, President of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) has won the Top SBA Award in our category, the "2008 Minority Small Business Champion of the Year" as defined by the SBA is "To Honor Individuals Who Have Fulfilled a Commitment to Support and Assist Minority Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners" (Note: HKCHcc have won the "Hawaii award" as well as the "Regional Award" – topping the other Minority Small Business Champs in 50 States and Guam to qualify to compete and winning the "national" award, the top honor in our category). The award with be presented during the SBA National Business Week at the Mandarin Oriental Washington DC April 21 – 23 ***

By Special Invitation ONLY: President George Bush will be hosting a reception "The President's Remarks on National Small Business Week" - Wednesday - April 23 2008 - 3:00 to 6:00pm - The White House - East Room

Webcasting - SBA will be webcasting all of the award events*** and the forums!! click on this link to log onto the website the day and time of the event and you will see a link to the webcast.

Hawaii Women's Business Center hosts Small Business Awards Luncheon on April 30 2008 11:30am - 1:30pm at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Online Registrations: Individual Group of 10 - Return form with payment no later than April 25, 2008 to The Hawai'i Women's Business Center is located in downtown, Honolulu, in the Heart of Chinatown: 1041 Nu'uanu Avenue, Suite A, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817; Phone: 808.526.1001; FAX: 808.550.0724 Cost: $45.00 per person, $450 for table of 10 (Check payable to Hawaii Women's Business Center)

April 24 2008 5:00pm at Planet Hollywood Waikiki: T.I.M. International Inc (TIMI) Presents Hollywood Bash

Come and join your fellow UHM TIM Alumni at our Annual General Membership Meeting! Reconnect with old friends, enjoy GREAT food, and be a part of our worldwide network of travel industry professionals!

Round up your classmates, cause it'll be a "Battle of the Classes" with team games and AWESOME prizes...You DON'T want to miss this!

Cost: $10 for TIMI Members; $25 for non-members and guests* (*become a TIMI member at the event and get $15 off your admission!)

Contact Tia Ikeno at 808-956-3617 or by email to if you have further questions.

March 26 2008 Tim Marsden, GM of Langham Hotel London, Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee and Johnson Choi

Duongguong China March 19 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Duongguong with David Chan, GM and Felix Chua, UH TIM Grads

March 19 2008 Singapore: A few UH TIM Alumni got together for a "talk story" session.

L-R; Jennifer Tan, Hilda Min, Tony Chia, Clyde Min and Mark Yuen

Thursday, February 21, 2008: Governor Linda Lingle gets 22 names for Board of Regents

Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of Travel Industry Management and Founder/Director of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) is on the short list. (Short Bio: Chuck Gee, Dean Emeritus of the University of Hawaii, School of Travel Industry Management, Dean Gee has served on tourism advisory committee of 3 United States Presidents and advisors to public and private sectors organizations on the local and national level in Asia, countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Dean Gee is the founding Members and Directors of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc))

It may be helpful to write letter to Governor Linda Lingle urging her to select Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee as one of the 12 candidates to be submitted to the Hawaii State Legislature for approval. A simple letter will do. Governor Linda Lingle email addresses is

The names of 22 candidates for 12 vacancies on the University of Hawaii Board of Regents went to Gov. Linda Lingle Thursday.

The Regents Candidate Advisory Council, created by the state Legislature, submitted the 22 names to fill out the 15-member board. Lingle will make the appointments, which require consent by the Senate.
Candidates for terms starting July 1 are:

Student regent (one open seat):

* Grant Teichman
* Joshua Wingstrom

At-large regent (two open seats):

* Andres Albano Jr., vice chairman, whose term ends June 30.
* Michael Dahilig, student board member, whose term has been extended.
* Kitty Lagareta, former chairwoman of the board, whose term has been extended.
* Terri Ann Motosue
* Teena Rasmussen

Hawaii County regent (two open seats):

* Harvey Tajiri
* Ronald Terry
* Carl Carlson Jr.
* Sandra Wood Scarr

Honolulu County regent (five open seats):

* Robin Campaniano
* James Donovan III
* Mark Fukunaga
* Chuck Gee
* Dennis Isao Hirota
* Howard Karr
* Eric Martinson

Kauai County regent (one open seat):

* Thomas M. Cooper
* Ramon de la Pena, board member, whose term ends June 30.

Maui County regent (one open seat):

* Artemio Baxa
* Paul Horikawa

Regents with current terms are board chairman Al Landon, Ronald Migita and James Haynes III.

Past Events

Monday April 7 2008: Netlinks mentorship program Sponsored by T.I.M. International Inc will be held at the Hawai‘i Prince Hotel Waikîkî in the Mauna Kea Ballroom & Foyer from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. please RSVP to Tia Ikeno at 808-956-3617 or by email to 

Monday, February 18, 2008 6-8pm Las Vegas Nevada: T.I.M. International, Inc., the Alumni Association of the School of Travel Industry Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa would like to invite you to a networking dinner At the home of Professor Emeritus and Mrs. Morton Fox. Representing T.I.M. International Inc was Johnson Choi, Director/Treasurer and Past President and Roberta Wong Leung, Director; Representing UH TIM School was Dean Walter Jaimerson; Special UH TIM Alumni and Friends are Patricia Lee, Sherri Tom, Mrs. Jamieson, Mr. Ben Racelis - President UHAA Las Vegas Chapter, Jennifer Cheung, Elizabeth Powell, Carmen Choi, Morton Fox, Gisele Fox, Robert & June Binick, Agnes Kwok Yates, Eric Yates and Erica Yates.

Roberta Wong Leung met with John Emerling (UH TIM 1978), John own his food import company in New York

Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) and

   Bank of Hawaii, International Banking Division

February 14 2008 - Pacific Club, Honolulu Hawaii: “An Update of the Business Climate in China” Opportunities Niches for Hawaii China Business? by BRENDA LEI FOSTER, PRESIDENT, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai attended by more than 100 guests including UH TIM Alumni and Friends

Listen to the recorded presentation online

February 2 2008 - Honolulu Hawaii: Meeting with Eugene Ong, General Manager of Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing, Linda Ong and Chuck Gee on China Travel Related Business Opportunities

January 21 2008 - UH tourism expert named to lead group

University of Hawaii at Manoa announced Friday that Pauline J. Sheldon, professor of tourism and former interim dean of the School of Travel Industry Management, has been elected president of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism.

The organization is made up of 75 tourism scholars worldwide that help with research and the professional investigation of tourism, the university said.

Sheldon is the first woman president of the predominantly male group. She will be president for the next two years.

January 5 2008 - Honolulu Hawaii - Grand Cafe and Bakery - An Afternoon with Brenda Foster - President of American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, Lawrence Foster - Former Dean and Professor of University of Hawaii Law School, Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management, Michael Zhang and Yen Chun of CMC Consulting Group Inc.

(Front left to Right: Johnson Choi, Yen Chun and Brenda Foster; Back Left to Right: Michael Zhang, Chuck Gee and Lawrence Foster)

December 31 2007 A Day with Ted Sakai, General Manager of the Double Tree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country

We spend a day with Mr. Ted Sakai, General Manager of Double Tree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country. Ted was 1999 University of Hawaii, School of Travel Industry Management (TIM School) Distinguished Hall of Honor Alumni. 1999 was a memorable year. Ted Sakai and Johnson Choi were inducted into TIM School Hall of Honor in the same year, sharing the honor is our good friend and now president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Mrs. Brenda Foster who was inducted in the UH College of Business Hall of Honor in the same evening. Mrs. Foster is also the founding members and vice president of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce. There are a number of UH TIM Alumni in California such as Rita Lau, General Manager of The Fairmont San Francisco and Randi Fernandez, F&B Manager of the Four Seasons Hotel at Newport Beach. When Ted was the President of the T.I.M. International Inc (the alumni association of the UH School of TIM), TIMI held the graduation exercise at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - a much preferred venue by most TIM graduates. The TIM Night that was the heart of soul of the TIM School that used to hold our alumni together was terminated by the new administration and missed by our alumni worldwide. The ability of Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee to hold the UH TIM Alumni worldwide together when he travel the world.  Elena Tom, the "mom" of UH TIM School, Professor Cox (Washington State) and Professor Fox (Las Vegas) brought back fond memories. I have shared with Ted we need to bring back the Ohana spirit of the TIM School and find way to re-connect with our alumni worldwide - bring back TIM Night could be one of the key.

Contact us:

Corner Bishop and South Beretania Street  

Business Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm (M - F) Advance Appointment Requested
USA Address: 1188 Bishop Street, Century Square, Suite 3403, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, USA
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