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"Music of Life" Therapeutic Music Concert, April 28, 2004

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CMC Consulting Group Inc has arranged a face to face meeting with Master Shen Wu with Leaders in the Medical and Business Community on January 10, 2004.




Master Shen Wu was born in a Physician's family, with a special healing gift of which he was unaware until the age of eight. He inherited his family treasures in medicine and absorbed himself in the study of ancient Chinese medicine literature. He has been able to revive and even advance the therapy used and enjoyed only by royal families some 3,000 years ago. The science was thought to have long vanished with the end of the Chinese dynasties.  

His inner Qi energy is now one with the Universe. After helping numerous patients in China, Master Wu has helped many patients in USA through his frequent seminars conducted in different states for the last few years. He has helped many patients with terminal diseases and chronic conditions. Not only the suffering and pain was reduced and quality of life improved, but further spread of the disease was stopped and even reverted in many cases. Dr. Neil Finkler, M.D. of ORMC who specializes in oncology, believes much benefit can accrue by the combination of this ancient therapy with modern medical technology. 

What is Qi Gong? Qi Gong is a part of traditional Chinese culture that has been practiced for some thousands of years. It is an effective way of promoting health and fitness, as well as developing human potentials. During Qi Gong training and practice, visualization is of primary importance. The practitioner adopts special techniques of visualization, breathing, body gesture and movements using the functionality of the internal organs, the meridians and points and the Qi "matter" of the universe. This achieves the objectives of cleansing the body and the mind, restoring energy, and opening up the patient's physical and mental potentials, thereby strengthening the body mechanism and promoting the circulation and supply of Qi and blood. As a result, Qi Gong is therefore also a very effective self-healing practice for patients of various illnesses. The objectives of practicing Qi Gong lie in three main areas: cleansing of the body and the mind, restoration of energy, and opening up one's physical and mental potentials. 

Testimony from Dr. Neil J. Finkler, M.D., Gynecologic Oncology Cancer Specialist, Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute, Florida Hospital., Assistant Professor of Gynecology at Harvard Medical School Division Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Boston University Medical Center - Dr. Finkler was giving brief result of medical trial program where Master Wu was able to control cancer pain and prolong and improve the quality of life on end stage cancer patients.  

I treated Yoko Tominaga three years ago. She had advanced cancer. She was operated on and we gave her some chemotherapy. It was about two years later, a year ago, when I was checking some of Yoko's liver enzymes. I saw that some of the enzymes were going up, and some other things were happening. Yoko confessed to me that she had been doing other things. I said " Yoko, this is really very interesting because you had a cancer and you are well beyond what the normal survival is, but you have no evidence of the disease. I've scanned you six times and all your tumor markers are normal. I never understood? What happened?" Yoko then told me her confession that she had been doing some alternative therapies. 

She's been taking some herbs, and in addition she's been doing Qigong. I said, what? And of course, I've never heard of this before. The subject was dropped for a while. One day, Tomi (Yoko husband) called and said he had a very dear friend in Japan, who had lung cancer. The doctors have given up; there's nothing they can do. He wanted me to recommend someone she could see. I gave him the name of a medical oncologist to see for her lung cancer. She eventually got intra-bronchial radiation through the windpipe, and she had radiation in the lungs. I spoke with the radiation therapist and medical oncologist. They both told me that we were talking about days at best. They also told me there was no way of her eating again, that her tumor was pressing against her esophagus and she'd be lucky if she could get a sip in. And it has been 6-8 weeks before I saw Yoko back in the office, and she said you know, it's an amazing thing not only is she alive but she has no pain, which was a big component. She was eating, breathing, and she was feeling a lot better." Well, I'm a big skeptic. And one day, Tomi asked me if I would like to see one of these Qigong therapies. I had to see what this Qi Gong therapy was all about. So, I went down to Tomi's house and actually witnessed a treatment for this patient with lung cancer, end stage, which conventional medicine had given up on. I brought my wife with me, and that was the first time I ever actually met Master Wu. As we sat in that room, certain things were happening. After we left Tomi's house, my wife looked at me and said got so cold in that room. It was freezing! When we first walked in to that room, it was really very warm." My wife said that she saw the thermostat on the wall and nobody was touching it. On subsequent visit, Master Wu explained to me what happened in the room and the principles behind all that. After a few more visits, we decided we were going to embark on a little trial. The trial was going to be on patients of mine, that I know that conventional medicine really had nothing more to offer. 

Several things became very apparent about Qigong therapy. One, it certainly doesn't hurt anybody. And probably the easiest thing for Qigong to do is to take pain away. One of my patients, a woman in her 30's or 40's with end stage cervical cancer, and she had severe, severe pain. She came in with kidney failure. She had failed radiation therapy and chemotherapy. We decided we weren't going to perform any more therapies. I spoke to the family and said I had nothing more to offer. I also asked if they would like to have Master Wu come. We talked a bit and surely Master Wu came. The patient was bed-ridden for days and was on high doses of morphine for pain relief by IV. About an hour after the first treatment, I received a call from the nurse. The nurse said the patient wanted her pain medication decreased because she was not having any pain. I said sure. In the morning when I visited the patient who was on pain medication for weeks, she was now completely off morphine. From that point on, she was completely off morphine. She started to drink, eat, and asked to get out of the bed. Her kidney problem also started to turn around. It started making urine. Of the group of patients that we have looked at, there is no question in my mind that Master Wu treatment has led to a prolongation of quality life, as these people lived a much longer that I had ever expected. And they lived a life that is pain free. I am very interested in Qigong therapy and, as you may know about, the National Cancer Institute is also very interested and now has a branch for the investigation of alternative medicine and therapies.  

There are really a lot of alternative treatments that are fake, hocus-pocus, and money making opportunities that only take advantage of people, and they do absolutely nothing. But there's no doubt in my mind that Master Wu is of the utmost sincerity in what he does.                   

Master Shen Wu met with Hawaii Medical, Community & Business Leaders on January 10, 2004

"Music of Life" Therapeutic Music Concert

The University Community and General Public are cordially invited to attend a special multi-media performance with special attraction to those interested in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Performer: Master Shen Wu

Date: April 28, Wednesday
Time: doors open at 6:30; Program will take place 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Place: Art Building Auditorium, Art 132
Admission: Free

Presented by UH Center for Chinese Studies, and John A. Burns School of Medicine, together with the US Chinese Traditional Medicine Institute


Video Presentation ­ Documentary of Master Wu and his Therapeutic Music Introduction by Master Shen Wu


Preface Origin of Life and Music

1. Fuxi Created Xun to heal illnesses, performed with Xun, and Poem on Five Tones in Healing Five Organs

2. Echo of Ancient Times, performed with guqin and xiao.

3. Heavenly Drum and Tiger¹s Roar, performed with Xuanyuan Drum and >Classic Gong. Drum that shakes life: Beijing Opera ³Dahu Shangshan².

4. Wind from the South, performed with hulushen.

5. Soaring Dragon, performed with flute and bawu.

6. True Love, performed with xiao, violin, erhu, and piano.

7. The Song of Five Tones.

8. Songs of ³the Curving Moon², and ³San Tao Ce², with keyboard musical accompaniment.

9. ³Muyang Qu², performed with erhu and flute.

10. My Heart Will Go On performed with erhu.

For more information, please contact Jay Zhu, 383-4943, or Cynthia Ning, 956-2692

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