University of Hawaii (UH) - School of Travel Industry Management (T.I.M.)

"UH TIM School is the best known Brand in Asia within the UH System"

"There are business schools at every University of Hawaii (UH) Campus and all Universities operating in Hawaii, BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE (1) UH TIM SCHOOL SUPPORTING THE LARGEST INDUSTRY IN HAWAII, UH TIM School has the best known "brand" in Asia within the UH System"

T.I.M International Inc - UH T.I.M. Alumni Association (TIMI)

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Save UH TIM School Student Initiative Added Sept 9 2009 - SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK ONLINE on the preliminary recommendations of the Chancellor's Prioritization Committee (which include a merger b/w the TIM School and the Shidler College of Business). go to:

Dean Emeritus Chuck Y Gee of UH - School of Travel Industry Management celebrated his 70th Birthday on 08-28-03 at the Monarch Room of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was attended by more than 200 guests from around the world - Dean Gee has donated more than US$25,000 of the cash gift received for his birthday party to Scholarship.

Hawaii's China Connection Video - click on the picture to view live video

UH TIM Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee interviewed by Shanghai TV Station - 1st American University & Dean Invited by China Government to enter China in 1978

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UH TIM School Newsletter in PDF format: UH TIM School and Newsletter Dec 2008 June 2009 Dec 2009

March 3 2010 - Hawaii Needs to Better Promote Itself as a Meetings Destination - By Kevin Iwamoto (UH TIM 1977), VP, Enterprise Strategy, StarCite, Inc.

TIMI is an independent 501(c)(6) not-for-profit Organization - the purpose of the organization is to foster fellowship among its members for recreation, pleasure, and other non-profit objectives of a like nature, and for educational purposes except the carrying on a business, trade, a vocation or profession for profit

"Bring Back TIM Night - Pride of UH School of TIM" - Click Here to take the 1 minute survey  You are welcome to write more elaborate comments supporting TIM Alumni case and email it to (mark "confidential" if you do not want to disclose your name) But just in case you are really busy, the 1 minute survey will at least give us some indication and a chance for you to express your opinion about TIM Night. In case you want to write, 50 - 60% of the current faculty may NOT know about the history of TIM School or TIM Night when they are hired to join UH TIM School. There may be some selling we have to do (i.e. like selling July 4th to someone in power to terminate Independent Day that know nothing about American history).

UH School of Travel Industry Management - Alumni Hall of Honor Recipients

1992 Ernie Nishizaki 1993 Roberta Wong
1994 Michael White 1995 Tim Marsden**
1996 Clyde Min & Joseph Pluta** 1997 Richard Hartman
1998 Kathy Inkinen 1999 Johnson Choi** & Ted Sakai**
2000 Paul Tang** 2001 Paul Yokota**
2002 Tsuyoshi Sakata 2003 Ren Hirose**
2004 Lois Sismar 2005 Dean Nakasone
2006 Recognize All Hall of Honor Recipients 1992 - 2005 2007 Hawai'i Hospitality Hall of Fame
2008 Anthony Wong & Ed Wary 2009 Audrey Higuchi & Alan Ong
2012 Ernest Nishizaki, Executive VP and COO of Kyo-Ya Management Co. Ltd and Allan Lum, CCM, General Manager, Waialae Country Club    
** Past Presidents UH TIM Alumni    

Past Events Photo: Oct 2002 - Sept 2003 Aug 2003 - Dec 2007 Jan 2008 - Oct 2008


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