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USA Small Business Administration (SBA) Selected Johnson Choi/HKCHcc 2008 United States National Champion

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Holidays Greeting from President Obama & Johnson Choi

Wine-Biz - Hong Kong Brand Hong Kong Video

Johnson Choi on Hong Kong investments with Hawaii filmmakers - Asia in Review host Jay Fidell in a discussion with Johnson Choi, President of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce on his recent (July 2010) trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong and on Hong Kong investments with Hawaii filmmakers or download video click:

AmCham Shanghai launches latest Viewpoint - U.S. Export Competitiveness in China - on the 2010 Washington, D.C. Doorknock - Please download report in PDF format: 

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View Our Conference call with President Barack Obama on Nov 3 2010 4:30pm EST

Photo Album before 01/01/05 Jan 1 2005 - June 2006 2007 2008 Jan - Nov 09

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Honolulu Hawaii USA Wednesday - China Town Hall Meeting on U.S.-China Relations -  Presented Zbigniew BrzeZinski & Ira Kasoff November 16 2011 1:00 - 4:30pm

Video#1  Video#2  

Video#3  Video#4  Video#5

Honolulu Hawaii USA November 12 2011 - APEC 2011 Pacific Basic Economic Council - Honolulu Academy of Arts Reception

View Hula Dance Video#1 Video#2

Honolulu Hawaii USA - APEC2011 - Nov 11 2011 "Hong Kong Reception" 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at Hilton Waikiki on KUHIO (2500 Kuhio Ave., Waikiki Beach) with Mr. Gregory So, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and Hong Kong CE Donald Tsang

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Hong Kong Reception Video

HK CE Donald Tsang addresses APEC 2011 CEO summit on financial stability on 11/11/11

Hong Kong Reception Video - HK Commerce Secretary Gregory So

Hong Kong CE Donald Tsang Propose VISA FREE for HK Passport Holders

Overseas promotion: Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So (left) hosts a reception for Hong Kong executives and local leaders in Honolulu.

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So speaks at a reception hosted for Hong Kong business heavyweights and local leaders in Honolulu, Hawaii today (November 11, Honolulu time). The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang (centre) joins Mr So (second left) in proposing a toast. Also joining the toasting ceremony are the Under Secretary for Security, Mr Lai Tung-kwok (second right); Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs, USA, Mr Donald Tong (first right); and Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, San Francisco, Mr Jeff Leung (first left).

Honolulu Hawaii USA - APEC2011 - Welcome Reception "A Hawaiian Sense of Place" on Thursday, November 10, 2011 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

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Honolulu Hawaii USA - APEC2011 - Special roundtable with Secretary of Commerce John Bryson at the FTZ Main Conference room on Thursday, November 10 2011 from 8:00-9:00am. Secretary Bryson was just confirmed by the Senate last week. This is the first time in HPEC history that a Secretary of Commerce has met with the DEC here in Honolulu. Following a presentation I will give on all of HPEC’s initiatives and successes, a roundtable discussion with you and the Secretary will commence.

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Video 1/4  Video 2/4

Video 3/4  Video 4/4 

Honolulu Hawaii USA on Nov 9 2011 3:30 - 5:30pm - East Asian Military and Economic Security: Reflections on the US – China Relationship - Bro. Bernard Ploeger of the Chaminade University of Honolulu is pleased that you will be attending our discussion with Dr. Patrick Morgan, Professor of Peace Studies at the University of California, Irvine - presented at the Pacific Club

Honolulu Hawaii USA - November 8 2011 - CIBER Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Session - country level trade overview, and specific trade related activities projects at the Ala Moana Hotel


Singapore Saturday October 29 2011 - Photos taken at the dinner to honor Margaret and John Cox in Singapore at Fairmont Singapore, Szechuan Court Restaurant. Last photo - group shot here are the attendees - Seated: Margaret Cox, Alan Ong (came from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) John Cox, Hilda Min; Standing 2nd row: Vivien Wong, Jennifer Tan, Supatra Kasomson (came from "flooded" Bangkok, Thailand), Clyde Min, Kenneth Wong, Selena Oh, Anthony Wong, Raymond Tait.

Hong Kong SAR October 24 2011 Professor Emeritus John Cox of the School of Travel Industry Management present a talk at the City University of Hong Kong at the class taught by our fellow UH TIM Distinguish Alumni Roberta Wong Leung

Honolulu Hawaii USA oct 8 2011 - UH TIM Alumni Eugene and Linda Ong, General Manager of Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing have lunch with Dr. Chuck Gee, UH Board of Regents/Dean Emeritus of UH School of TIM and UH TIM Alumni Johnson Choi, President and CEO of iWinery (Hong Kong) Company Ltd at the California Pizza - Ala Moana Shopping to exchange news on both sides of the Pacific.

Hong Kong SAR Friday September 30 2011 6:30pm UH TIM Alumni & Hawaii Ohana 2nd Annual Hawaiian BBQ at Salisbury YMCA Hong Kong 4th Floor Garden Podium

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Hong Kong SAR Thursday September 29 2011 Visitation of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour at the Regal Hotel Causeway Bay (despite Typhoon signal #8 when all businesses are closed by law) - the spirit of Rotary allowed us the meet with Rotarian from Brazil enroute to Taipei Taiwan to continue on their trip to Beijing and Thailand. Hong Kong was their first stopped over from Brazil. Despite the Typhoon Signal#8, they took their chance to still come to the Rotary meeting and that is how we met. In order to be a good Rotary host, Past President Douglas Hsia, also IYFR Hong Kong Fleet Commodore immediately asked the hotel to set up the meeting room,. We had a very enjoyable meeting and a good time together.

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Hong Kong SAR September 25 2011 International Yachting Fellowship Rotarian IYFR - Hong Kong & Hawaii Fleets - Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

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Hong Kong SAR Wednesday September 21 2011 Bayview Sunshine Rotary Club weekly meeting was held at the Superstar Seafood Restaurant at Central District Hong Kong. We have enjoyed excellent crabs, bird nest soup - the nine course Chinese dinner. It members has enjoyed the Morningmood 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Country compliment of iWineryHongKong with exclusive Hong Kong distribution rights and Dark Macadamia Nut Chocolates by the Hawaiian Host Chocolates presented by Johnson Choi.

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Sept 14 2011 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisoc (HKETO SF) celebrated her 25th Anniversary - Special Remarks by Eva Chang, Secretary of Transportation and Housing; Honorable Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of HKSAR Government and Honorable Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco.


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Video: Presentation by Honorable Eva Chang

Video: Presentation by Honorable Donald Tsang

Video: Presentation by Honorable Ed Lee

Taipei Taiwan Aug 2011 - Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of the School of Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawaii and UH Board of Regents was the Head Judge for the Taiwan Culinary Competition in Taipei Taiwan

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(Dean Gee far left, President Ma 5th from the left)

Honolulu Hawaii USA - Aug 13 2011 - UH TIM Dean Emeritus Chuck Y Gee's Celebrated his 78th Birthday Party with Alumni and Friends at the Kirin Chinese Restaurant, Honolulu, Hawaii USA (Winnie & Stanley Miura, Joanna & Michael Leong, Kathy Inkinen, Lois Sismar, Chuck Gee and Johnson Choi)

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Vancouver British Columbia Canada - August 13 2011 - Father Lionel Xavier has a small RHS alumni gathering in Vancouver with students from the class of 69, 70, 71 & 91 (In this photo: Tony Chan, Winnie Lam-y, Edwina Suk May To (photos), Father Xavier).  More Pictures on Facebook

Honolulu Hawaii August 11 2011 - Hawaii Pacific Export Council (HPEC) Meeting at FTZ#9 Conference, special guests are US Commercial Officers from US Consulate General Shanghai, Mr. Keenton Chiang and Stellar Chu; Commercial Attache from American Embassy Japan, Ms. Helen Lindsay Peterson and former US Commercial Officer from Shanghai Ms. Deborah Yu Cooney (L to R: Helen Linday Peterson, Keenton Chiang, John Holman, Deborah Yu Cooney and Stellar Chu)

View Mr. Keenton Chiang Presentation: PDF Format  Power Point Format

Honolulu Hawaii August 11 2011 - Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu - It's 1st Charter President Don Dawson celebrated his 90 years of life, fun and joy through "Reflections" (Video clip by Christopher Dawson and Don Dawson below, clip on the link below to view the video presentation online).

Video: Presentation by Christopher Dawson   Presentation by Don Dawson

Honolulu Hawaii USA Wednesday - August 6 2011 7:30pm at Hawaii Theatre Center

Sunday July 31 2011 9:00am San Francisco Calfornia - Breakfast with Dr Juanita Liu - Dean of the School of Travel Industry Management - University of Hawaii at Manoa at The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square, 335 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 397-7000 - Breakfast hosted by UH TIM Alumni, Mr. Mac Nguyen, Director of Finance, The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square - "UH TIM School is the best known BRAND at the University of Hawaii System recognized by public and private sectors leaders on both sides of the Pacific supporting the largest industry in Hawaii - tourism & visitors industry".

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San Francisco California - July 30 2011 - Father Lionel Xavier met with Rosaryhill School alumni at Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant at Emeryville

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Honolulu Hawaii July 19 2011 - Father Lionel Xavier of Rosaryhill School Hong Kong and Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of Travel Industry Management met with Alumni and Friends at the Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant, Ala Moana Hotel hosted by Johnson Choi (RHS 1973 & UH TIM 1977) (Guests are Father Lionel Xavier, Dr. Chuck Gee, Betty Laven, Karis Lo, Yen Chun and Dickie Ching)

Yvette (sister of Aurora), Aurora (Tham) Luk , Antonia (Chan) Ying, Christina (Kwan) Chow, Maria (Man) Wong, Fr Xavier, Robert Ying, Charles Wong

July 10 2011 Honolulu Hawaii - Father Xaiver met with Rosaryhill School Students and Alumni at the Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant - Ala Moana Hotel - dinner hosted by Thomas Tan (in the pictures are Dennis Lam, Vincent Yung (ran into at the restaurant happened to be RHS Alumni 1974), Johnson Choi, Thomas Tan, Father Xavier and Betty Levan)

July 10 2011 Honolulu Hawaii - US-China Peoples Friendship Association - Honolulu Chapter - General Membership Meeting and Installation Banquet - featuring "Chinese Medicine" with Leon Letoto, MS., LAc.

June 20 2011 - Lions Club Hong Kong - UH TIM Alumni Roberta Wong Leung, Irini Tang, Eric Chan with his father Tony Chan  (Captions: 1st Picture - Irini Tang, Eric Chan, Roberta Wong Leung, Tony Chan / 2nd Picture - Tony Chan, Roberta Wong Leung, Eric Chan)

June 19 2011 Foster City, CA Celebration Father's Day with Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of TIM and UH Board of Regent at ABC Chinese Restaurant with Johnson (UH TIM 1977) & Carmen Choi and Kevin Iwamoto (UH TIM 1977)

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June 18 2011 Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, CA Lunch with Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of TIM and UH Board of Regent at Sam's Chowder House with Johnson (UH TIM 1977) & Carmen Choi and Victor Fu (UH 1970)

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Singapore June 15 2011 7:00pm - Fellow TIM alumnus Roberta Wong Leung, who is Senior Lecturer and Program Leader, ABA Hospitality Management Community College, City University of Hong Kong, will be visiting Singapore next month. We are planning a get-together dinner with her and some of other Singaporean contacts. Some of you may remember Roberta as she previously lived in Singapore and was an instructor with Nanyang Technological University back in the early 1990's. Roberta met with fellow UH TIM Alumi at AT AL DENTE SINGAPORE OWNED BY Fellow UH TIM Alumni ANTHONY WONG WHO OWNS 25 RESTAURANTS AND OPENING 10 MORE.

Honolulu Hawaii June 9 2011 Metropolitan Rotary Club Honolulu - Presentation by David Uchiyama of Hawaii Tourism Authority - Japan Tourism: How is the Disaster Impacting Hawaii?

San Francisco California USA - HKANC Annual Open House Cocktail Reception on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 6:00pm to 7:30 pm at Carnelian by the Bay (the former World Trade Club), One Ferry Plaza, SF

Wednesday - May 11 2011 5:00 - 7:00pm at Sam Snead's Tavern and Restaurant - Hawaii Tourism Wholesalers Association - "High End Visitors to Hawaii" and "Education Tourism" By Richard Xie

Honolulu Hawaii May 10 2011 ACBO Meeting - Special Guest: Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz; TOPIC: Learn how your chamber can play a role in APEC. Roles include volunteer opportunities, providing business-related stories to the international press, as well as ways to provide input on potential excursions during the conference period to your region.

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Honolulu Hawaii USA April 21 - 22 2011 - TIM School's Celebrate a Legacy in Tourism event & Ambassador L.W. Bill Lane, Jr Lecture & Dedication Ceremony Event By Tia Ikeno & Clinton Inouye

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Beijing China April 13 2011


Hosted By Mr. Eugene Ong, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport


Dr. Chuck Y. Gee, Dean Emeritus, School of Travel Industry Management, University of Hawaii; Board of Regents.
Mr. Du Jiang, Vice-Minister, China National Tourism Administration
Mr. Yao Yuecan, Chairman of the Board, CITS
Mr. Zhu Songyan, CEO, Air Macao
Dr. Juanita Liu, Dean and Professor, TIM School
Mr. He Shengkang, Director, North American Inbound Department, CITS
Dr. Doug Tom
Mr. Hu Fajin, Senior Manager, e-Commerce, Air China
Mr. Wei Jingan
Mr. Zou Tongqian, Dean, School of Tourism, Beijing International Studies University
Madam Li Jingfen
Mr. Wang Tao, Senior Manager, Finance, Air China

On April 13, 2011, in conjunction with Dean Emeritus Chuck Y. Gee and Dean Juanita Liu’s visit to attend the PATA conference in Beijing, a TIM alumni dinner was organized by Robert L. Char and hosted by Eugene Ong, General Manager of the Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport.

During dinner, there was a lot of discussion on industry issues, since all major players were represented- such as the Vice-Minister of Tourism, Chairman of CITS, CEO of Air Macao, Senior Managers of Air China and Dean of the Beijing International Studies University. The group also had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Juanita Liu, Dean of TIM School.

Dean Gee’s speech expressed the pride that TIM school had in seeing all of the alumni here tonight being successful and holding such key positions in China. Many topics of discussion focused on how Hawaii and China, through their represented companies tonight, could work together to further enhance the educational and economic cooperation between the parties.

The full attendance of such senior industry and government leaders who are TIM alumni and enthusiasm shown displayed their deep and sincere affection and appreciation to the TIM program and emphasized the high regard of the Chinese alumni to the TIM School, and to Dean Gee and Dr. Liu.

The dinner was followed by a tour of the 600-room Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport.

Photo courtesy of UH TIM Alumni Eugene Ong

Hong Kong SAR April 8 2011 - UH TIM Alumni Ms Portia Leung is Human Resources Manager at Hong Kong Jockey, pictures with UH Distinguish TIM Alumni Roberta Wong Leung

Hong Kong SAR April 7 2011 

UH TIM Alumni (L & R) Ms Matty Lam, Director of Membership & Marketing; Mr Joseph Chan, Human Resources Manager & Environmental Management System Manager and Ms Fiona Choi, Sports & Recreation Manager

Shanghai China - April 5 2011 - UH TIM Distinguish Alumni Roberta Wong celebrated her Birthday with fellow alumni, friends and family.

Honolulu Hawaii April 3 2011: US-China People Friendship Association Annual Membership Meeting and say good bye to China Daily and Xin Hua Journalists on April 3 2011. The luncheon was held at the Hee Hing Restaurant.

Watch Video Online

Honolulu Hawaii USA 星島日報美西版 March 31 2011 The Birth of "United Chinese of Hawaii" "夏威夷華人聯合總會" 正式成立 on 3-26-2011

夏威夷華人聯合總會 成立 【世界新聞網-北美華人社區新聞 檀香山訊】





夏威夷華人聯合總會創會主席團成員除上述外,還有歐黃豔婷、包黃慧英、陳衡、陳昌漢、陳融生、章培志(顧問)、趙天成、Helen Char、陳錫林、陳燕、程愛蓮、蔡永強、周照旺、陳老壽、方顯岳、龔玉玲、古侯定錦、何貴東、許允莊、劉廣義、劉建津、羅鎮成、李冠球、李耀強、劉定權、駱健波、龍勉、雷博英、路惟登、繆甯晉、彭鶴雲、潘沅芷、陳烈進、佘貴人(顧問)、謝錦輝、鄧少芬、Violet Tam、鄒錦榮、刁楊玉瓊、王鏡平、王華松、王新輝、黃鄭惠珍、吳潤華、余張劍飛、楊華洲、苑丹、阮葆焯、張聖日。

Honolulu Hawaii March 26 2011 Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the Development of the Republic of China Symposium at the Imin International Conference Center at East-West Center, Honolulu Hawaii USA

Deputy Minister Hsia Shen-hua, OCAC, ROC - view Video Presentation online

Ambassador I-Cheng Loh, ROC - view Video Presentation online

Derek Lee, Student of Punahou School - Winner of the Essay Contest -

Welcome Banquet of Torch of Peace Lighting Ceremony - Hula Performance by Halau Hula Olana

Welcome Banquet of Torch of Peace Lighting Ceremony - House Speaker Calvin Say

Welcome Banquet of Torch of Peace Lighting Ceremony - Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle

Good Will Mission - Dinner after Show at Kirin Restaurant

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Honolulu Hawaii March 24 2011 Hawaii Pacific Export Council (HPEC) met at the Foreign Trade Zone#9 with Special Guest Stephen L Green, Principal Commercial Officer, American Institute in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Office

Honolulu Hawaii March 4 2011 Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee met with UH TIM Alumni Annie Chen (1972), Johnson Choi (1977) and friends at the Fook Yuen Chinese Restaurant, dinner hosted by our good friend and business partner Yen Chun and Dickie Ching

Honolulu Hawaii USA March 3 2011 Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee of UH School of TIM catching up with UH TIM Alumni Johnson Choi, President of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and Ted Sakai, General Manager of Miramar Hotel Hawaii at the Aunty Pasto's Restaurant owned and operated by Fellow UH TIM Alumni Ed Wary.

Singapore February 26 2011 - Aloha Regent Gee, Dr Liu and Johnson - How are you? Its almost a year since your visit. How time flies. Last week (Saturday 26 February 2011), the University of Hawaii Alumni Association organized a dinner for June Naughton, Director (Retired) - UH International Student Services and Dean Vance Roley, UH Schidler College of Business. Almost all international students who studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa would remember June and her staff at the International Student's Office for their kind assistance and valuable advice, when we were so new to Hawaii. Over the years, the UHAA has kept in touch. Recently there were reunions in Shanghai in 2006 and Hong Kong in 2009, and now here. Many TIM Alumni showed up, including newer graduates from this century. Some came from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand. Attached is a group photo of those who attended. Back Row (L-R) Jennifer Tan, Francis Tan, Germaine Koh, Julian Yong, Diana Seow, Mark Seow, Peter Thaveepolcharoen, Long Ngan, Angus Lam, Eric Chan, James Chew, Grace Fong. Front Row (L-R) Clyde Min, Vance Roley, June Naughton, Tony Chia, Anthony Wong. Heyse Ngan who took the picture, and is unfortunately, not included. We look forward to your next visit here. And we will get more TIM Alumni from around the region to show up. Have a great Spring Break! Cheers, Tony Chia

February 13 2011 UH TIM Alumni Simon Morley General Manager of the soon to open Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach, please check out the rendering at 

February 11 2011 - San Francisco Chinatown UH TIM Alumni Owned and Managed Utopia Cafe - UH TIM, UH Alumni and Friends Party with Birthday Girl Carmen Choi 

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Video on Vimeo

Video on Vimeo

Honolulu Hawaii February 5 2011 Chinese New Year Get Together: Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee with Eugene Ong (General Manager of Crown Plaza Beijing China), Linda Ong and Johnson Choi

Honolulu Hawaii January 20 2011 David Kawika Talisman, President of True Digital Discuss The Increasing Challenges of "True Digital Cyber Thief". David is a member of the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.

Sony (Golf) Open Waialae Country Club Honolulu Hawaii Jan 10 - 16 2011

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San Francisco California - January 1 2011 - Celebration New Year with Dean Emeritus of the UH School of Travel Industry Management & Board of Regent of the University of Hawaii Chuck Y Gee at the Sam's Chowder Restaurant - Half Moon Bay

January 1 2011 New Year Celebration in San Francisco at the W San Francisco with Peter Wong, President of of KSSF Enterprise Ltd (owner of the W San Francisco) at the newly renovated Ewow Suite (Peter Wong, Derek Sasano, Michael Pace, Roger Huldi, Holden Lim*, Johnson* & Carmen Choi). *UH TIM Alumni

Vancouver British Columbia Canada January 1 2011: Note from UH TIM Alumni and Former UH TIM School Staff Cecilia Lau: Hi Johnson & Carmen - Nice to always receive TIM Alumi news from you. My family has gone to Cuba for vacation during Christmas. We would like to share with you our family picture taken at Cayo Blanco, Varadero, a pristine beach with unpolluted water. We have eaten lobsters fresh from the sea at $10 each, an amazing deal. Since Cuba is a communist country, resources are very limited, it is probably the last few places on earth that you don't have to buy souvenirs made in China. The Cubans are very green, as they make souvenirs out of beer cans, grass, rice paper & any kind of recyled materials. Hotel staff work for more than 12 hours per day, only get 2 days off after 10 days of work. Cigar & Rum are cheaper than a bag of chips or a can of coke. The Cuban government guarantees 3 meals a day for every citizen. We think of them as poor third world country, but surprisingly I have never seen such a race of honest, cheerful & colorful culture. They are very self-contented and peaceful people. We have learned a lot from their lifestyle and culture from this trip. Last but not least, Happy New Year for you & your family! Please keep in touch.

London England - December 20 2010: UH TIM Alumni TIM Marsden, General Manager of Langham Hotel London met with UH TIM Distinguish Alumni Roberta & Aldrin Leung and their family attending Aldrinana Leung Graduation from London School of Economic on December 15 2010.


San Francisco California - Sunday December 19 2010 7:00pm - UH TIM, UH Alumni and friends at the San Francisco Bay Areas - Holidays dinner UH Board of Regent and UH TIM Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee at the San Mateo Prime (Dennis Burton, General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn San Francisco; Carmen Choi, Director of Accounting, Standard Fibers LLC; Johnson Choi, President, Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce; Chuck Gee, UH Board of Regent/Dean Emeritus UH TIM School; Ken Ho, General Manager, Grand Plaza Hotel San Francisco; Kevin Iwamoto, VP - Enterprise Strategy, StarCite Inc; Holden Lim, Managing Director, HFF; Mac Nguyen, VP - Director of Finance - Westin Hotel San Francisco; Teresa Nguyen and Lori Teranishi, Principal IQ PR)

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Watch Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee/UH Board of Regent Video

Hong Kong SAR December 18 2010 - X’mas Dinner@Home, organized by Rosaryhill School Old Students Association (“RHSOSA”). (photo Credit: Helen Cheung & Edward Ng)




Honolulu, Hawaii USA December 16 2010 - “This MOU signing brings a spotlight to Hawaii’s developing technology industry. I hope this collaboration is the first of many to come between Hawaii’s companies and the global economies we touch,” said Senator Carol Fukunaga, Chairperson of the Senate Economic and Technology committee.

“Sopogy’s proprietary concentrating solar platform produces high-temperature heat which is a robust energy source for clean power generation,” said Darren T. Kimura, President and CEO of Sopogy. “The heat we produce is captured in thermal energy storage tanks and helps to produce firm and reliable energy during the day into the evening peak. This makes for a perfect complement with a Stirling generator and the China energy grid.”

Kimura and YHL’s Dr. Francis Fung collaborated for over a year to identify and develop a plan for the mass production of YHL’s low temperature, hybrid Stirling engines which use ready-made auto components for utility scale power generation. “The joint collaboration will create jobs and increase the export market for both China and America,” said Dr. Fung. “It is a natural pooling of resources of two great nations to work unanimously toward human and environmental harmony.” “Sopogy’s work is a great example of Hawaii’s global market position as the ideal location for research and development of clean technologies. This agreement is a great step forward,” said Ted Peck, Energy Administrator for the State of Hawaii. Most recently, the 5-megawatt Kalaeloa Solar One broke ground on the island of Oahu which will feature Sopogy’s MicroCSP technologies. Designed, engineered and proven in the US, MicroCSP technology consists of parallel rows of proprietary parabolic mirror collectors, optics and an integrated tracker to concentrate the sun’s energy on a centrally-located receiver tube and re-circulate heat transfer fluid within the system. The generated high-temperature heat will be used in conjunction with the hybrid Stirling engine to provide a renewable source of power.

About Sopogy - Sopogy, Inc. engages in the development, design, manufacturing and marketing of MicroCSP technologies - a comprehensive, low temperature, low cost approach to solar thermal. MicroCSP brings the economics of large Concentrating Solar Power systems to the industrial, commercial and utility sectors in a more manageable, durable and faster to deploy kit. Sopogy’s technologies are designed for the 2-50MW power class, 100-1,000 ton solar thermal air conditioning size and unlimited quantities of industrial process heat. The company’s two megawatt solar thermal field has been operational in Kona, Hawaii, U.S.A. since March 2009. It demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of MicroCSP with Sopogy’s proprietary thermal energy storage solution. Sopogy’s award winning SopoNova solar collector was named New Product of the Year by the National Society of Professional Engineers and received Plant Engineering Product of the Year. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Honolulu, HI, U.S.A. Please visit for more information.

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Honolulu Hawaii USA - December 16 2010 - ThinkTech 10th Reunion

Honolulu Hawaii USA December 12 2010 - IYFR Hawaii Fleet AGM and Christmas Party 

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Watch Party Video 

Honolulu Hawaii USA December 9 2010 - Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu - Allen Hoe, Vietnam War Veteran talk about his son Army 1st Lt. Nainoa Hoe, who was killed in Iraq in 2005.

San Francisco California - Saturday December 4 2010 7:00pm - UH TIM Alumni Jenny Kwong (1990) celebrated her birthday with fellow alumni and friends.

Video 1/2  2/2

Macao SAR Friday December 3 2010 7:30pm UH TIM Alumni and Friends met and have dinner at "Solmar" Portuguese Restaurant organized by Eric Chan, Grand Hyatt Macao. Attendees were Eric Chan, Paul Poon, Silvia Sitou, Dr. Roberta Wong Leung, Annie Wong (WONG Man), Mani, and Irini Tang.


Guangzhou China November 20 2010 GRAND HYATT GUANGZHOU CHINA








Dr.Roberta Wong LEUNG
UH TIM Distinguish Alumni

Hong Kong SAR Nov 10 2010 - HKCHcc's Roberta Wong Leung met with Fellow UH TIM Alumni Claudia Au, Training Consultant, Hospitality Industry Training and Development Center, Chinese Cuisine Training Institute

Hong Kong SAR November 1 2010 - UH TIM Alumni get together in Hong Kong - Dinner hosted by Aldrin and Roberta Wong Leung at the Salisbury YMCA, attended by (from far left) Harold Yung, Michael Harton, Marco Chan, Sam Hon, Aldrin Leung, Roberta Wong Leung, Margo Greiner, Rudolf Greiner and Andrew Lau

October 19 2010 - US-China People Friendship Association Honolulu hosting the Jiefang Daily (Shanghai) lead by Qiang DONG, Senior Reporter for a luncheon at the Fook Yuen Chinese Restaurant.

  Honolulu Hawaii - Monday October 18 2010: Sponsored by Pacific and Asian Affairs Council, Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and Others - CHINA Town Hall is a national day of programming on China involving 40 cities throughout the United States.

Video 1/3  2/3 3/3


Hong Kong SAR October 17 2010 UH TIM Alumni Roberta Wong, Salisbury YMCA General Manager Aldrin Leung, HKCKcc Founding Member & Director Yen Chun and Husband Dickie Ching enjoy a lovely dinner hosted by Aldrin and Roberta

Honolulu Hawaii October 14 2010 - “Maximize Your Business Opportunities in Hawaii & Beyond” business event at the Plaza Club Crown Room, featuring upcoming business opportunities with The Walt Disney Company. Hawaii Minority Supplier Certification and email to In 2009, Disney purchased more than US$450 million from Women and Minority owned businesses - would you like to get a piece of the pie?


Honolulu Hawaii USA October 14 2010 Hawaii International Film Festival

Honolulu Hawaii USA September 26 2010 China National Day Celebration

Reported by World Journal Newspaper September 29 2010

Honolulu Hawaii USA September 25 2010 Chinese Students and Scholars Association at UH - Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival celebration for Chinese students, scholars and their families at University of Hawaii at Manoa Co-Sponsored by Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc). Programs: Chinese Ensemble, Chinese Dance, Being Opera, Hip-Hop, Live Jazz Music Performance, and so on (most of them are performed Chinese students at UH).

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Sonoma California USA - September 26 2010 - Meeting with fellow UH TIM Alumni/1999 UH TIM Distinguish Alumni Ted Sakai for BBQ lunch with friends, colleagues and family

San Francisco California USA - Wednesday - September 22 2010: Johnson Choi, President of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce met with Roger Garcia, Executive Director of The Hong Kong International Film Festival and Robert Meyer to discuss wine and business collaborations.

San Francisco California USA - Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office San Francisco - "Meet the Many Faces of Hong Kong" Reception on Monday, September 20, 2010 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Wilsey Court de Young Museum 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive San Francisco, CA 94118

Hong Kong SAR Friday Sept 17 2010 UH TIM BBQ DINNER AT THE SALISBURY HOTEL, YMCA - 41 Salisbury Rd, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon Hong Kong



Honolulu, Hawaii USA Tuesday September 14 2010 - Presentation of Certificate of Appointment until December 31 2013 from Honorable Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce of the United States Department of Commerce to members of the Hawaii Pacific Export Council by Mr. Richard Swanson, Network Director and Mr. John Holman, Senior International Trade Specialist of the United State Department of Commerce

Honolulu Hawaii USA - Sunday September 12 2010 - Dean Emeritus & UH Board of Regent Dr. Chuck Gee got together with old friends and UH TIM Alumni for lunch at the Kirin Chinese Restaurant (Front L to R: Joanna Leong & Dean Gee; Back L to R: Johnson Choi, Wini Miura, Lois Sismar, Stanley Miura and Michael Leong)

Honolulu Hawaii USA - Saturday August 28 2010 - Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee celebrated his 77th birthday with Roberta Wong Leung, Reuben & Vera Wong.

Honolulu Hawaii USA - Monday August 16 2010 - East West Center Gallery - Burn Hall - "From territorial disputes to currency exchange, energy security to carbon trading, the ‘state of play’ in China is on the move and in the headlines." Join a panel of experts as they review the latest developments in a broad range of China issues. The featured panelists include: Joanna Lewis, Georgetown University professor and visiting EWC fellow, whose China-based research focuses on the renewable energy industry and multilateral engagement on climate change issues. She serves as an advisor to the Energy Foundation’s China Sustainable Energy Program in Beijing and previously was a researcher in the China Energy Group with the U.S. Department of Energy. Christopher McNally, a political economist studying China's capitalist transition and its global implications. An East-West Center research fellow, he has also held fellowships at the Asia Research Centre in West Australia, the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Denny Roy, a political scientist focusing on Asia Pacific security issues, with an emphasis on China’s military-strategic matters and foreign policy, international relations, and human rights. An EWC senior fellow, he has also held positions at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA), and the National University of Singapore. Kang Wu, a specialist in energy economics with emphasis on China energy studies and the impact of economic development on fossil energy demand. As an EWC senior research fellow, he has authored numerous publications, which have been widely cited by the international press and industry media. Co-sponsored by: East-West Center, Pacific and Asian Affairs Council, Friends of the East-West Center, U.H.M. Center for Chinese Studies, and the Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.

80 more pictures on Facebook

View complete presentation on line or

Honolulu Hawaii Friday, August 13, 2010 Pacific Club – Card Room 7:30 - 9:00am: Sponsored by Good Beginnings Alliance for a presentation on “How we can build a public will campaign that will prioritize Hawaii’s children.” by Mr. Sergio Bendixen, President of Bendixen & Associates

Honolulu Hawaii August 12 2010: APEC 2011 - More than 80 attended the Rotary Club & Business Leader Presentation by Monica Whaley - U.S. National Center for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (NCAPEC) President, Gregg Yamanaka, Executive Director of APEC 2011 - Pat Lou from Omni Track Group Inc - The brand recognition of UH School of Travel Industry Management (UH TIM School) and East West Center were prominently mentioned to represent President Obama's home State (as President Obama said "come to my home (Hawaii)" to show his hospitality) as host connecting with APEC countries promoting education and tourism when tourism is the largest single industry in many of the 21 APEC countries attending the APEC 2011 conference in November 2011.

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Video 1/2  Video 2/2

About APEC

Presentation: Inside APEC (Microsoft Power Point 16 Meg File Size)

Honolulu Hawaii August 12 2010: John Steelquest - Hawaii Rotary District Governor and Professor of Chaminade University of Honolulu present Hawaii and International Rotary plans in the coming year

Honolulu Hawaii Aug 5 2010 - Independent UH TIM School selected to train future China's tourism leaders: UH School of Travel Industry Management and Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce met with Bo Chang, Deputy Director & Deputy Secretary General of Foreign Affairs Office, People Government Guandong Province; YongHong Liang, Director of Division of International Exchange and Cooperation, Dept of Education of Guangdong Province; Zezhong Tan, Deputy Director General, Department of Education of Guangdong Province, Zhenmin Hu, Division Chief of Higher Education Division, Department of Education of Guangdong Province and Hope He of Foreign Affairs Office, People's Government Guangdong Province to discuss providing training for selective tourism leaders from Guangdong Province of the People Republic of China. We were informed during our meetings during the day and over dinner that UH School of Travel Industry Management (UH TIM) is the best known School from Hawaii within the UH System in Asia. That is the reason why the independent UH TIM School is their first choice for tourism training for their current and future leaders in tourism.

San Francisco California USA - Saturday July 31 2010 - Father Lionel Xavier and Paul Chan dinner, trip to Abalone Farm and the Orchid Garden (Report by Teresa Thomas (RHS 1969): Fr. Xavier's S.F. visit included the Scout's reunion, Bus tour to Abalone Farm and Dinner for Paul Chan at the Moonstar Seafood Buffet (approximately 20 including family), Dinner for Fr. Xavier at the Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant in Emeryville, Sunday mass and Alcatraz tour. Fr. Xavier sure enjoyed the story of the Abalone and watching the live Abalones wiggling on our palms. Most attendees took a snooze on the return bus trip. At the Moonstar Buffet, attendees were Charles Wong '69, Louis Kwan '70, Lincoln Young '70 (from Toronto), Edwin Wong '68, Wilson Hui '69 with wife Isabel and son Brendan, Peter Tso '69, Nelson Lam with daughter Angela and son Alex, Fr. Xavier, Paul Chan and wife Susan, Brenda So '72, Eva Chan '72, Roland Ho '72, Jim Ip and wife Alice, and myself. I fully enjoy the day and conversations. Fr. Xavier's childhood friends were at the dinner and Fr.'s old girlfriends were exposed during his speech and conversation. Of course there was gift presentation, cake cutting and photo session. There were 4 full tables. I only got to know folks at my own table (Andy Wang '70, Alex Yim '70, Edward So '70, Louis Kwan '70, Brenda So, '72, Jim Ip '70 and Alice Ip, Alex and Angela Lam - Nelson's children). I recognized Josephine and John McCafee, Charles Wong '69, Roland Ho '72 and, of course Nelson Lam and Lincoln Young. The others present I could not hear their names and was very hard to talk with the loud music next door. The atmosphere was cheerful. Many thanks to Nelson for his hard work and time. I could not wait for someone to put the events in a CD or DVD so that I can obtain a copy. Let me know if you hear any more about Fr. Xavier's visits.)

San Francisco CA USA July 21 2010 - Meeting with HKETO SF Director Jeff Leung and (newly appointed) Deputy Director Wendy Au at the Plouf Restaurant to discuss business opportunities for Hawaii and California Companies on film, wine and other projects in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Honolulu Hawaii July 20 2010 - It was great seeing you all (Chuck Gee*, Brenda* & Larry Foster, Yen Chun* and Michael Zhang) today at EPIC Restaurant (Downtown Honolulu). The conversation was informative and insightful. The food was delicious and company was great. Michael, thank you so much for hosting the lunch. Chuck, the UH Regent is so lucky to have you. *Founding Members and Directors of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

Saturday July 17 2010 - 80th Birthday Celebration of our respectful & beloved Fr. Lionel Xavier (Rosaryhill School Hong Kong) at Harbour Grand Hotel

100s of Pictures on Facebook:!/album.php?aid=186988&id=707396757

Father Xavier 80th Birthday Party Thank You Speech

  Father Xavier 80th Birthday Party-Edith Shih & Family Performance

Hong Kong SAR July 16 2010 - Karen Li (UH TIM 1983) - Director of Corporate Development - Wing Tai Properties Ltd met with Johnson Choi (UH TIM 1977) and Carmen Choi at the Yung Kee Restaurant for Lunch to catch up with business opportunities in Asia

Hong Kong SAR July 16 2010 - Aldrin Leung - General Manager of YMCA Salisbury have breakfast with UH TIM Alumni Roberta Wong Leung & Johnson Choi met with our Singapore Friends - Rosa Koo & Theo Voogt and Hawaii Friends - Bunny Look & Lorene Yoshiyama

Hong Kong SAR July 15 2010 - Exploring Film Production Opportunities for Hawaii Companies: Meeting with Mr. Simon Galpin - Director General & Winnie Lee - Manager of Creative Industries of InvestHK for lunch at Roka Japanese Restaurant. After lunch we met with Mr William Fung, Executive Officer (Film Development) and Mr. Peter Ma, Chief Executive Officer at 40/F Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong with wrap up meeting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

Hong Kong SAR July 14 2010 - Bayview Sunshine Rotary Club visitation - meeting was held at the Ning Po Residents Association, 4/F Yip Fung Building, 30 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong SAR July 13 2010 - Hong Kong SAR July 13 2010 - 2010海南(香港)現代服務業投資推介會」暨「海南省政府招待晚宴」"2010 Hainan (Hong Kong) Investment Promotion" at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the "Dinner Reception the Hainan Provincial Government" at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong with 9 courses Shark Fin Chinese Dinner - 450 Business Executives traveled from Hainan to Hong Kong to discuss tourism, education, investment, banking, real estates development with their counter parts in Hong Kong.

More pictures on Facebook (May 1 - Oct 31 2010) - Shanghai - People Republic of China - July 4 - 10, 2010 (Dinner with Fellow Alumni in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong - (May 1 - Oct 31 2010) - Shanghai - People Republic of China - July 4 - 10, 2010 (Dinner with Fellow Alumni in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong - 灘外樓中餐廳 Tan Wai Lou Shanghai, Bund 18; after Dinner Cocktail with Spectacular Night View and take a walk at the water front afterward - BarRouge Shanghai - 7f, Bund 18; Yu Garden Restaurant (dinner and show) Special Price US$50/person - No. 69 Jiu Jiao Chang Road, Yu Garden, Shanghai; Day Excursion to Zhou Zhuang & Zhujiajao; Wujin Visitation - Meeting with tourist bureau, a meeting with alternative energy and relevant sightseeing)

100s more pictures on Facebook by clicking on the following links:

Shanghai World Expo Singapore Pavilion Visitation

Tea Ceremony at Shanghai World Expo

General Motor at Shanghai World Expo

City Life Progression - China Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo

Zhou Zhuang - Venice of China Visitation


July 11 2010 - IYFR Hong Kong and Hawaii Fleet Met in Hong Kong

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Guangdong China June 10 2010 - Hawaii and Canton sister state ceremony last night, Governor Linda present special gift prepared by Blue Hawaii surf to Governor of Canton Huang Hua Hua. This gift was the hightlight of the evening. It will be display in Canton Governor's offcer. Michael Zhang is the President of Blue Hawaii Surf/Blue Hawaii LifeStyle and a member of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.

Millbrae California June 4 2010 - Catching up with UH TIM/UH Alumni and Friends Ken Ho, General Manager of Grant Plaza Hotel San Francisco and Jim Cheng at the Peter's Cafe

San Francisco California USA May 21 - 24 2010: UH TIM Class of 1970 40th Anniversary get together; from Left to right : Fong Kwai Lum, Paul Lun, Paul Chan, Paul Tang, Alex Hsu, Marco Chan and Peter Kwok.

San Francisco California USA May 23 2010 - UH TIM Alumni Johnson Choi, Marco Chan and Ted Sakai met at the Peter's Cafe to look at wine business opportunities

Shanghai World Expo May 21 2010 by Roberta Wong Leung: Wonderful Japanese lunch with UH TIM Alumni Raymond Tong - Director of Major Projects - Greater China - Accor. "I can't believe it has been so long since you were a TIM Intern at Hotel Mark Hopkins San Francisco in 1974 when I was Personnel Manager there from 1972/1975. That was 36 yrs ago since we last met? Amazing, the TIM Connection. Keep me posted on the July 5 TIM dinner in Shanghai details and I will see if I can make it."

Shanghai World Expo May 21 2010 by Roberta Wong Leung: VIP tour of the Singapore Pavilion - Warm hospitality and excellent dinners at the Expo restaurants and Yushanghai Dinner Show by Jacquie Tan; It was a nice surprise to meet Richard Young who opened Regent HK Hotel w/me in 1980, have not seen him in 30yrs! He is now w/the New World Group in Shanghai. During my 6hrs wait at Shanghai Pudong airport, I managed to count the Pavilions I went to, the final count is 196 visited! Amazing - Expo is just fantastic.


Honolulu Hawaii May 20 2010 - Mr. David Heenan is the trustee of Campbell Estate. He has served on the boards of eight publicly traded companies and is an accomplished writer. He has been published in the Harvard Business Review (seven times), the Sloan Management Review, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor and is a co-author of seven books. He’has shared insights from his most recent book entitled Bright Triumphs From Dark Hours with members of the Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu.

Honolulu, Hawaii USA May 19 2010 - A special awards ceremony with Governor Lingle at 2:15pm at the State Capital to recognize six Hawaii companies from across the state with Export Achievement Awards from the Department of Commerce and four Hawaii companies with export awards from SBA.

NINE HAWAII COMPANIES RECOGNIZED WITH EXPORT ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS - Nine Hawaii companies were recognized today by Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the Small Business Administration for their success in entering or expanding in the international marketplace. Cyanotech Corp., Hamakua Macadamia Nut Co., Hawaiian Island Shine, Maui Babe, Noni Biotech International, and Honua Technologies received Export Achievement Certificate awards from Governor Linda Lingle and John Holman, Director of the Hawaii Export Assistance Center, U.S. Department of Commerce. The Governor joined SBA District Director Jane Sawyer in recognizing three Hawaii companies: Baldridge & Associates, PR Tech, and Tradewinds Global. Beth Tokioka of the Kauai Mayor’s office was also recognized for her support of export efforts. Cyanotech Corporation is a world leader in microalgae technology that produces and distributes nutritional supplements from the Natural Energy Lab on the Big Island. Cyanotech exports its nutritional products to over 40 countries worldwide. As a result of the Gold Key Service and ongoing support from the Commercial Service, Cyanotech was able to establish a partnership in India that also has the potential for sales in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company produces roasted and flavored macadamia nuts on the Big Island. As a result of their participation in the HOFEX Food Trade Show in Hong Kong and spin-off trade mission in Macau, which was supported by Commerce and the State of Hawaii, the company secured a Hong Kong distributor and has been selling to the market ever since. Hawaiian Island Shine is a Hawaii-based manufacturer of quality care auto products. The Hawaii Export Assistance Center collaborated with the State of Hawaii to help the company secure their first international distribution partnership with a major retail chain in Latin America. The company is now exporting to five countries in Latin America. Maui Babe is a Maui-based company that manufactures and sells skin care products related to sun care. As a result of the counseling and ongoing support provided by the Hawaii Export Assistance Center, Maui Babe established a key sales relationship with a distributor in Australia who also covers sales to the New Zealand market. Noni Biotech International is a grower, manufacturer, and distributor of healthful juices and skin care products derived from the tropical noni fruit. The Hawaii Export Assistance Center provided ongoing support for Noni Biotech that allowed the company to make its first sale of a container to a new distributor in South Korea. Honua Technologies is an American industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-temperature, environmentally safe medical and bio-hazardous waste destruction and treatment systems. The Commercial Service offices in Hawaii, Hong Kong and China supported Honua Technologies’ participation in several trade shows while providing key introductions to potential partners. As a result of ongoing support from the Commercial Service and State of Hawaii, the company was able to secure a partner relationship with a Chinese firm which resulted in large sales of steam sterilizers and ancillary equipment for projects in China.

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Honolulu Hawaii May 14 2010 Johnson Choi, President of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce (HKCHcc) met with Hong Kong Commissioner to the USA, Mr. Donald Tong, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco (HKETO-SF) Director Mr. Jeff Leung and Deputy Director Ms. Shirley Lau at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant at Aloha Tower Marketplace on Hong Kong Opportunities and Business Collaborations

Honolulu Hawaii USA, May 11, 2010: 2010 University of Hawaii Distinguished Alumni Award Winner - Mr. Wesley F Fong currently teaching law at the UH School of Travel Industry Management. Wesley Fong received a BA in political science from UH Manoa in 1965 and a JD from the University of Illinois School of Law in 1968. He is a graduate of the U. S. Army Judge Advocate General's School (1976), U. S. Army Command & General Staff College (1977) and U. S. Army War College (1985). He served as a supervising deputy attorney general for the State of Hawaii and a supervising deputy corporation counsel for the City of Honolulu, and retired after 26 years of public service in 1994. He then became staff counsel for Fireman's Fund Insurance. In 2003 he retired from the private practice.

Singapore May 11 2010 - Clyde and Hilda Min Met up with Karen Li in newly renovated Singapore Mandarin Hotel's famous Chatterbox for "Chicken Rice" and a lively discussion on General Managers and Lanson Residences and Boutique Hotels.

San Francisco California Sunday, May 2, 2010 - VIP Reception featuring Hong Kong Film Producer Peter Chan from 4:30pm - 6:00pm, at Restaurant 2223, 2223 Market Street, San Francisco & Screening of “Bodyguards and Assassins”, produced by Peter Chan, at 6:45 pm, at Castro Theatre, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco

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Sonoma California May 1 2010 - Johnson & Carmen Choi Met with Ted and Cindy Sakai in Sonoma to catch up with businesses, UH TIM Alumni Shanghai get together July 4 - 10 and UH TIM School Updates

Burlingame California April 29 2010 - Johnson Choi Met with UH TIM Alumni Dennis Burton, General Manager of the Newly Renovated Hilton Garden Inn San Francisco to catch up with businesses and UH TIM School Updates

Singapore - April 27 2010: UH Board of Regent/Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee and Interim Dean Dr. Juanita Liu attended PATA conference and visit with UH TIM Alumni in Singapore - The following report is provided by UH TIM Alumni Clyde and Hilda Min (photo by Tony Chia and others)

UH TIM alumni members welcome Regent Gee and Interim Dean Liu at the Carlton Hotel on Wednesday, April 29th at a Chinese banquet. Accompanying Dr. Liu was her husband, retired physician Dr. Douglas Tom. Our host was the General Manager and fellow alumni, Richard Ong. Alumni who also attended included Clyde and Hilda Min, Mark Yuen, James Chew, Clara Tang, Anthony Wong (who also provided the wines for the evening), Diana Weibel, Jennifer Tan, Mark Seow, and Tony Chia.

Special industry guests and long-time friends of Regent Gee were Chee Chye and Millie Tan of Singapore World Express Travel.

Earlier that day Regent Gee and Interim Dean Liu met with the educational officers and faculty of the Institute of Technical Training, School of Business and Services at their Dover Street campus. An exchange of each schools programs were shared in presentations.

The following day, April 28th, they met over breakfast hosted by Yeo Li Pheow, Principal and CEO of Republic Polytechnic and Albert Toh, Director - School of Hospitality, Republic Polytechnic. They were presented with a new model for educational collaboration by Singapore to overseas educational hospitality programs.

A busy morning continued with a tour of the recently opened approximately US7.0 billion dollars integrated resort, Resort World Sentosa currently with 4 hotels and 2 more by end of this year, casino, entertainment theatre and convention center, entertainment and dining complex and Universal Studios. The tour was led by Noel Hawkes, Vice-President Operations, Resort World Sentosa.

Lunch was at alumni Anthony Wong's (2008 Alumni Hall of Fame award) newest addition of Creative Eateries, 19th restaurant and the 20th soon to come, featuring Taiwanese cuisine. Joining us was alumni Patrick Chia who also graduated in the 70's and currently providing industry consultancy after a long career with Singapore Airlines.

An important meeting with Singapore Tourism Board Capability Division officers challenged the School of Travel Industry Management to re-look existing hospitality curriculums and develop one with an Asian philosophy of hospitality management that attracts Western students as well as Asian students. Singapore and especially STB is always challenging the status quo and forward thinking like our own alumni Carrie Kwik, STB Director for Integrated Resorts, who set this meeting up for us.

Carrie then took us on a 2nd Grand Opening day tour of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the second integrated resort in Singapore of approximately US5.5 billion dollars. Marina Bay Sands has 2500 guestrooms in iconic building architecture with a large rooftop structure connecting all three towers that provides several swimming pools, entertainment venues, themed event space, and large rooftop garden with full grown mature trees shading a jogging path looking out to sea and the city of Singapore.

Dinner was hosted by alumni Tony Soh, Chief Corporate Officer for the Ascott Group, Ltd., largest global serviced residence owner-operator in Asia Pacific with over 19,500 units worldwide. The elegant Chinese dinner was held on the top floor of Capital Tower in The China Club.

On April 29th, Regent Gee and Interim Dean Liu met with Temasek Polytechnic educational officers to renew their long relationship, as Dr. Liu had been an external examiner for their Hospitality degree program students.

Their trip to Singapore was warmly received by the graduates who caught up with them, and many took to heart the call, made eloquently by Regent Gee for renewing and maintaining our school relationships in our professional lives. This only adds value to our TIM degrees.

We were also pleased with the many new opportunities for increased educational exchanges with Singapore hospitality and tourism programs that are mutually beneficial.

Special appreciation to Tony Chia who consistently and patiently rallies the Singapore alumni to attend our rare events together, and to Anthony Wong for his always generous spirit of venues and wines, and to Richard Ong who was the perfect "host" for our special guests to Singapore.

Hong Kong April 27 2010 - Say Final Good Bye to our Friend - Mr. Manuel Woo

It is with deep regret and sorrow that we announce the passing away of Mr. Manuel Woo on April 27 2010 after a long illness. He was 81 years old. Mr. Woo was an old friend of the UH School of Travel Industry Management for more than 30 year. He was the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Hotels Association for 17 years from 1979 to 1996 and he will long be remembered for his valuable contributions to the work of the Association and the hotel industry in Hong Kong. An Organizing Committee that includes the Chairman and Executive Director of the Association will be making his funeral arrangements and an announcement of the details will be made in due course.

Honolulu Hawaii USA - April 13 2010: Hawaii State Senate confirmation hearing to the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii, Gubernatorial Nominee, CHUCK Y. GEE (Dean Emeritus of UH School of Travel Industry Management and Founding Members/Director of Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce), for a term to expire 6-30-2015. Share

Hawaii State Legislature 2010 Regular Session - GM378

GM378 Testimony Hearing (Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee) 04-13-10 Testimony

Measure Title (GM378): Submitting for consideration and confirmation to the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii, Gubernatorial Nominee, CHUCK Y. GEE, for a term to expire 6-30-2015.

Report Title: Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii

Current Referral: HRE
Introducer(s):        Submitted for consideration by Governor Linda Lingle (from the list provided by BOR selection committee)
Date         Status   Text
3/22/2010   S         Received.
3/23/2010   S         Referred to HRE.
4/6/2010     S         The committee(s) on HRE has scheduled a public hearing on 04-13-10 1:15PM in conference room 329.
4/13/2010   S         The committee on HRE deferred the measure.
4/16/2010   S         The committee(s) on HRE will hold a public decision making on 04-19-10 1:15PM in conference room 329.
4/19/2010   S         The recommendation of the committee(s) on HRE is to ADVISE AND CONSENT to the nomination(s). The votes in HRE were as follows: 5 Aye(s): Senator(s) Tokuda, Baker, Kokubun, Takamine, Slom; Aye(s) with reservations: none ; 0 No(es): none; and 2 Excused: Senator(s) Sakamoto, Taniguchi.

S = Senate
H = House
D = Data Systems
$ = Appropriation measure
ConAm = Constitutional Amendment

This report was generated on Apr 20, 2010 at 4:43:50 AM

Video 1/2

Video 2/2

Honolulu Hawaii USA - April 6 2010 East West Center, Garden Level, Hawaii Imin International Conference Center 1777 East West Road hosted by Peter Ho - President APEC Honolulu Host Committee and Charles Morrison - President East West Center - Inauguration of APEC Honolulu Host Committee (Peter Ho, President of Bank of Hawaii; Tim Johns, President - Director - CEO of Bishop Museum; Governor Linda Lingle; Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann; Adm. Robert F. Willard, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command; M.R.C. Greenwood, President of the University of Hawaii; Mike McCartney, President of the Hawaii Tourism Authority; Corbett Kalama, incoming Chairman of Kamehameha School & Senior VP of First Hawaiian Bank; Patricia Loui, President of Omnitrak; Stanley Kuriyama, President & CEO of Alexander & Baldwin and BJ Kobayashi, President & CEO of Kobayashi Group). The November 12 - 20, 2011 APEC meeting will attract the leaders of APEC's 21 heads of state, 63 ministers of industry and foreign affairs and more than 16,000 foreign diplomats. Oahu-born President Barack Obama, who selected Honolulu as the 2011 site, also will attend. The Hawaii meetings will mark the first time the U. S. has hosted APEC since 1993.

Honolulu Hawaii March 28 2010 - UH TIM Alumni 1977 - Johnson Choi (Hawaii), John Kim (Florida), Kelsey Higa (Hawaii) and Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee met on March 28 2010 to catch up with old time and new.

March 25 2010 - Art Kimura - Robotics - Students of Waiakea High School - Hawaii State Regional FIRST Robotics Competion at UH Stan Sheriff Center Honolulu Hawaii USA, March 25 - 27 2010 - presented at the Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu

Honolulu Hawaii USA: March 15 2010 - HKCHcc Director Yen Chun's Father, Mr. Walter Chun will be celebrating his 99th Birthday in a few days.

Honolulu Hawaii USA: March 7 2010 - Leilaoha at the start of the Vasconcellos Race

Honolulu Hawaii USA March 6 2010 - A tour of the Battleship Mighty Mo for members of IYFR and their spouses and significant others was scheduled for 9:30 on Saturday March 6th. The tour has been arranged by Sarah Tenney, Vice President of Development of the Battleship Museum and IYFR member. Lunch aboard was followed the tour.

San Francisco, California, USA Monday February 22 2010 - By Special Invitations - Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office San Francisco Chinese New Year Reception at the Asian Art Museum

February 18 2010 AmCham Shanghai President Brenda Foster visited Blue Hawaii Lifestyle Store in Downtown Honolulu Hawaii

February 13 2010 San Francisco California USA - UH TIM Alumni Chinese New Year eve party to welcome the Year of the Tiger at the Asian Pearl Peninsula Chinese Restaurant

Honolulu Hawaii January 21 2010 - Lenny Klompus & Corrie Heck from Governor Linda Lingle office presented "Robotics Organizing Committee" at the Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu - Recognizing the importance of promoting robotics at an early age and sustaining students' interest in STEM education throughout their schooling, Hawai`i's six robotics programs have joined together to form the Hawai`i Robotics Organizing Committee. This is the first time all six of the robotics programs are coordinating efforts to promote robotics education in elementary, middle and high schools statewide. As a critical component of the Hawai`i Innovation Initiative, robotics engages students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and provides them with the teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to compete in the 21st century workplace. We believe that by strengthening these aptitudes and abilities in our young people, we will build a brighter future for our state.

Honolulu Hawaii January 21 2010 - Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce and Affiliated Chamber of Commerce met with Legislators at the State Capitol to discuss the unemployment insurance tax and other business issues impacting Hawaii businesses.




Honolulu Hawaii USA - January 18 2010: Governor Linda Lingle cordially invites you to attend a special panel presentation by the American Institute of Architects, Honolulu Chapter, on rail transit. This presentation will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about and ask questions regarding this major proposed project on Oahu.

View Video Online (10)  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Honolulu Hawaii - Tuesday - January 12 2010: An Evening with Professor Emeritus John Cox of the School of Travel Industry Management, UH-Manoa.  Professor John Cox has been described as "a maverick teacher. He believes that TIM graduates must have the ability to write, speak, reason, and relate to others in a satisfactory manner to hold down a job. Cox refuses to dumb down his classes and he takes a personal responsibility to be sure his graduates are ready to embark on a successful career.

Presentation by Professor Emeritus John Cox

  UH TIM Alumni Testimony 1/3

  UH TIM Alumni Testimony 2/3

  UH TIM Alumni Testimony 3/3

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Honolulu Hawaii USA on Tuesday, January 11 2010: Hawaii State Capitol - Hawaii 2050 Information Briefing - County Voices on the H2050 Plan and Sustainability (Jeffrey Hunt of Maui County, Alex Frost of Hawaii County, Beth Tokioka of Kauai County and Keith Rollman of Honolulu County) - Community Voice of Balancing the Triple Bottom Line for a Sustainable Hawaii (Environment by Mark Fox of The Nature Conservancy, Business by Jim Tollefson of Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, Community by Sylvia Yuen of Center on the Family of University of Hawaii Manoa, Kanaka Maoli by Neil Hannahs, Land Assets Division of Kamehameha Schools, Military by Howard Killian of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment - Safety and Occupational Health), Moderated by Tina Shelton; Youth Remarks by Melinda Chinen and Cameron Dye, Moderated by Jeanne Mariani-Belding of the Honolulu Advertiser; Closing Remarks by Maxine Burkett of UH Manoa School of Law

Thank you for your participation and interest in the Hawaii 2050 Plan efforts and briefings.  The final updated report is posted at the Public Policy Center's website: We will inform you when the Q&A from the unveiling are posted and when legislative proposals have been introduced. For questions, please contact Dr. Susan Chandler at 956-0978 or

Business by Jim Tollefson, President, Chamber of Commerce Hawaii

Youth Remarks by Melinda Chinen and Cameron Dye 1/2

Youth Remarks by Melinda Chinen and Cameron Dye 2/2

Sunnyvale California USA January 3 2010 - Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee, Johnson Choi (UH TIM 1977) and Kevin Iwamoto (UH TIM 1977) Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, met at Pan Tao Restaurant for Dim Sum lunch to catch up with old times, business opportunities in North America/Asia and challenges Hawaii is facing.

UH TIM Alumni Pacific Coast Region Christmas Party with Dean Emeritus Chuck Gee - Thursday December 17 2009 7:00pm at the Palace Hotel San Francisco

(File Photo) The Palace Hotel San Francisco is managed by our fellow UH TIM Alumni

Please click on the following link to view video: (video 1/3) (video 2/3) (video 3/3)

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