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USA Small Business Administration (SBA) Selected Johnson Choi/HKCHcc 2008 United States National Champion

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Do you know our dues paying members attend events sponsored by our collaboration partners worldwide at their membership rates - go to our event page to find out more! After attended a China/Hong Kong Business/Trade Seminar in Hawaii...still unsure what to do next, contact us, our Officers, Directors and Founding Members are actively engaged in China/Hong Kong/Asia trade - we can help!

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The ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) of Hong Kong and 13 professional organizations/chambers of commerce have collaborated to produce the captioned Guide. It is tailor-made for managers who are not trained IT experts but who have to supervise their teams in the use of computers and the Internet. The Guide offers managers practical advice on how to identify integrity risks in the workplace and proactively reduce them by ethical management. Free copies are now available for collection by business organizations.

Contents of the Guide include:
- Case illustrations from the ICAC's investigation files.
- An analytical framework for addressing corruption from the legal and ethical perspectives.
- An ethical management model and some practical measures.
- A directory of services provided by publishers, particularly the ICAC.

Click here to read the Guide

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Mainland China & Overseas Trade Associations
Major Trade Associations in Hong Kong (by alphabetical order)
Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission - Taiwan (Chinese)
U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service - A Guide to Naturalization in English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Tagalog Languages

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Beijing Review (China)
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Far East Economic Review
Ming Pao (HongKong, Big 5)
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Sing Tao Daily (Big 5) (Hong Kong)
Spa China Magazine
Hawaii Chinese News Newspaper
The Apple Daily (Hong Kong)
Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong)
World Journal Electronic Newspaper
Xin Hua News  (China)
Xin Hua News - English (China)

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